Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bittersweet Symphony

by Anne

The bad news: Grizz has the flu. At roundabout 5:00 a.m., undoubtedly to the joy of his roommate, Clarkey was struck by the flu which more than likely means he was calling Ralph on the big white phone. I don't know who his roommate is, but I hope he's not sick too.

Patches will be scratched again.

The good news: Staffy and Sissy are cleared to play tonight. Yay!

Petey will be scratched again.

Pratters will play. (woop! working your way to being a favorite, Pratters, you're just not there until you sign a longer contract, I can't lose one so soon)

The eh? news: The Soviet Bomber didn't reinjure himself, just some newer pain in the healing process. He won't be back tonight, but he'll be back in the near future.

The frequent flyer award goes to: Mr. Patrick "Reassigned to Rochacha after a game, back to Buffalo in time for the next" Kaleta. Apparently, he was reassigned to Rochacha when Max was going to play. Now Maxy isn't playing and neither is Grizz so whoop, back to the Sabres you go, Patty. Just when you think you're back to the last place Americans, you come back to the NHL. P.S. Patty, I'm still waiting for that goal. You need to fight for your right as my most beloved call-up now that Grizz is sick, I don't have to have a favorite callup, you see. Kaleta, you have the capactity to become my favorite call-up of all time. You hit people without regard, I like that.

What's this? No Staffy! I didn't mean it about Kaleta being my favorite call-up!Please! Boys! Don't fight over me!

Staffy and Kaleta arm wrestle. At stake: Anne's adoration

No surprise, Staffy wins. Anne's love keeps him strong*

Sorry, Staffy's win does bring about an excellent point, he is my favorite call up of all time. For your efforts, and for traveling so much, Pat, you get this "frequent flyer" consolation prize:

Wear it with pride, Patty

* I stole these pictures from webshots and the girl who took them said Staffy won, even though this picture does not clearly indicate it. But look at that determination! I'm not surprised. My love can move mountains.


  1. Clarkey was struck by the flu which more than likely means he was calling Ralph on the big white phone. I don't know who his roommate is, but I hope he's not sick too.

    Nothing says "Good Morning Sunshine" to your roomie like the sounds of worshiping the porcelain god.

    And Staffy should've won that arm-wrestling match. Have you seen the size of those guns?

  2. I am a frequent admirer of Staffy's guns. All women and men alike should.


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