Friday, February 15, 2008

Look at me! I'm Shvitzing!

By S(h)ara

The Sabres have been playing some pretty BA hockey these past few games. Even SabreBritney has managed to have 8 points in 9 games and register his first career hat trick. All these things should make me less worried about making the playoffs, right?

Oh if only that were so.

If anything, Anne and I have been more fatalistic since we've come within playoff range and actually moved into seventh place. "There's no way we can beat Ottawa, especially after Sunday's game. Oh we did? 5-1? And Britney had a hat trick? Ok well there is no way we can keep that up and win against the Leafs...oh Miller had a shutout? And Goose broke a 9 game pointless streak? Well, fine but the Rangers are so going to hand our asses to us on Saturday!"

Speaking of Saturday, anyone else with me that 1pm on a Saturday is a completely random time to have a hockey game? It totally disrupts my whole day.

Everything is so close in the Eastern Conference. Too close, if you ask me. Pommerdoodle even commented about it in his blog, saying that he had never seen the such a tight race for a playoff spot before. Yes, it's hard on the players, but it's hard on The Ladies of Sabretooth's House as well. We take our hockey watching seriously, and refuse to do anything that could possibly jinx the Sabres making the playoffs this year. For example:

Anne is not allowed to watch OT or a Shootout.

S(h)ara's Brian Campbell t-shirt is now cursed. Wearing it will inevitably cause the Sabres to lose.

Up until the Sabres loss to Boston a week ago, if S(h)ara watched the first period, the Sabres would lose.

Anne and S(h)ara cannot watch a Devils/Sabres game together as the game will result in a shootout loss.

Anne must wear her lucky Sabres hat to all games that she attends.

These are tried and true methods, people! Our efforts keep the Sabres from losing! We are doing our part!

In other exciting news, The Ladies of Sabretooth's House will be attending this Sunday's game agains the Pens. A friend of mine works at the Arena (actually, he's Anne's friend now too) and he was able to get us tickets for the game. We're pretty pumped--especially because our seats were messed up a bit (one in front of the other, instead of next to each other) and we are going to be "taken care of" (not in the mob sense) at the game. I'm really hoping this includes free parking. Anne is hoping it includes free beer. If we're lucky, maybe we'll get a pretzel out of the deal. Sidenote: what do they put in the Arena pretzels? Those things are like crack covered in salt. Amazing.

Ambrosia of the Hockey Gods

So needless to say, Anne and I are pretty pumped about the whole game on Sunday, not in the least because we're playing Anne's second favorite team.

I have a problem: now that King Derek has been named my new favorite Sabre, and my Campbell shirt is cursed, I need to invest in a new player t-shirt. However, a Roysie shirt is nowhere to be found. I've checked Dave and Adams,, (you can still get a Briere Sabres shirt for 7 bucks!) Dicks and various other sporting stores in the area. NOTHING. Not even a Yo-Yo shirt. I could get a SabreBritney shirt, but I'm too wary. So if anyone knows where I can get a decent Roysie/Yo-Yo/Kotalik shirt, please let me know. It would be, by me, appreciated.

Sabres play the Rangers tomorrow. Blah, blah, Drury, blah, blah. Dude's at -15 or so. I'm not missing him so much right now.

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  1. Sidenote: what do they put in the Arena pretzels? Those things are like crack covered in salt. Amazing.

    If you ever sit in the 200 level, try the apple stuffed pretzel with caramel dipping sauce. It is amazing.

    And about the shirts, I bought my Yo-Yo shirt at Laux at the Galleria, and they had a few Roy shirts there as well.


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