Sunday, March 30, 2008

Its Ooooooooooover

by Anne

Ok, to those who still believe we have a chance, I'm sorry.

I love the Buffalo Sabres. There is no other sports team that comes close to them for me.

However, 6points behind Boston, no games in hand...

I want to believe, but I just don't think that this team is good enough to make the playoffs. A loss tonight will officially end it all.

If we win the remaining 4, we'll have 92 points, which is only 2 points more than the Bruins have right now...yyyyyyeah.

We can't lose any games. Not even in overtime.

So, if the Caps lose their last 3, and the Bruins lose their remaining 4, we'll get in...maybe. They've got us twice and then the Devs and the Sens....

Guys, it's over.

Hmm, the Bruins are already selling playoff tickets...ummmm...they're not exactly guaranteed a spot yet, B's fans.

I still love.

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Glossary... Sort of

  • "Ryan Miller" Shutout - A 58 minute multi-goal shutout lead that is blown by Miller allowing one meaningless goal
  • Britney or SabreBritney - Thomas Vanek
  • Butter Snaps - Carolina Hurricanes
  • Craigory - Craig Rivet
  • Full Monty - Steve Montador
  • Greener - MATT Greene (LAK)
  • JBG - Jolly Blonde Giant - Tyler Myers
  • Little Foot - Drew Stafford
  • MK - Anne's sister; often leaves nonsensical comments under her Twitter name Mmmkizzle
  • Noodles - Derek Whitmore
  • Oscar - Anne's cat and STH's unofficial mascot
  • Parsley - Jimmy Bonneau
  • Sir Christopher - Chris Butler
  • Sissy - Jaroslav Spacek
  • Telly Monster - Mikael Tellqvist

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