Friday, March 21, 2008

Jason Pominville and Paul Gaustad Appreciation Day

by Anne

I have to confess, I was never a huge Jason Pominville fan.

I also have to confess, I was never a huge Paul Gaustad fan.

Not so any more my friends. No, neither Pommerdoodle or Goose have supplanted Staffy as #1....yet...

The media is conspiring to make me love different players. For a time, they hurled Staffy human-interest videos at me, and they hit home, I was frequently thrown off kilter for a time by them all. Now, both Goosie and Pommer have added news articles to their arsenal.

This article on Jason John Pommerdoodle Pominville.

I need to highlight a quote:
Pominville has always had doubters, and Regier admittedly was in that group. The GM waived Pominville in the fall of 2005, but no one claimed him.

Only since...mid-January(ish) have I really loved Jason Pominville, and it didn't fully hit me until I read that quote this morning and wanted to throw up. At the time, I would not have cared one bit if we lost Pommerdoodle. However, after reevaluating our losses at the beginning of the season, I was shocked that of all the remaining players, it would make me the most sad to see Pommerdoodle in a different jersey. More than Staffy, more than Millsey. I don't know why, but the thought of losing Pommerdoodle really bothered me, and, obviously, still does.

Now, I don't love him in a puckbunny way. True, he is cute, but I love him in a "I feel like you're my big brother and you make bad things go away." kind of way. I really doubted he'd be a good captain, I can't lie. However, I am gleeful to admit I was very wrong and he's been probably the strongest captain all season...except maybe Yo-yo. They're both pretty stellar. And both give staggeringly adorable post-game interviews.

And he looks like a labradoodle. And I love all dogs...and all hockey players...except Sean Avery...and Chris Drury...and Ogie Ogelthorpe.

Then, there's Paul Gaustad.

Goose is really draining for me. For the last 2 years I've been perfectly content to take this stance on him: "Ho hum, he's cute."

He was never very exciting to me. I obviously took note of him last season, but then he went and severed his achilles tendon, and where did that leave our relationship?

This season, I was happy to root my Staffy through his sophomore slump and yell at Thomas Vanek when he sucked out loud. Think of all that time I dedicated to defending Ryan Miller from bandwaggoners who were questioning his awesomeness. Yet, there he was: good old reliable, occasionally goal scoring, occasionally fighting, always PSAing, frequently sighted at Spot Coffee: Goose.

All these factors, joined by stories from a friend of mine about his presence at Camp Good Days, coupled with the frightening "Kids Escaping Drugs" poster, along with last season's "Books are the Foundation of Reading" campaign had me set up for the biggest crash in history. What's that premiering on the jumbotron at this Sabres game I'm attending? Oh, its a larger than life Paul Gaustad flirting with an aluminum can in an adorable brown sweater. Then, a few games later: Oh no! We're tied! Time for a shootout! We need this win! Yay Pommer! Pommer scored a goal! Cut to Pommer's roommate, Goosie, rocking the rally helmet! Then, an 80% faceoff percentage (4/5) Saturday against Toronto and a 79% win (11/14) Wednesday against the Bolds? Goose. GOOSE. STOP IT.

Wait, wait, hold on, I can't.... No, please don't, I don't want to have to do this...

Sigh...just read it: The article about why Goose is nominated for the Masterton.

Welp, there ya go, that did it. Really,, really? Could you please NOT do this to me?

Here's another story for ya about why I love these two:

After that nauseating loss to the Detroit Red Wings this season, I was sitting on the subway with my mom behind some particularly foul-mouthed guys who were dropping f-bombs left and right. Next to us was this little kid. This adorable little guy couldn't have been more than 9 years old. He just sat there, listening to these guys whine about the game and whatnot. It made me so mad that this kid, who probably idolizes the Sabres, was listening to these guys ruin it. Then, after sitting there for a few minutes, taking in their complaints, he turns to his dad and says: "Remember when there was that play where they were all on the one side and Pominville got the puck on a breakaway and then he scored a goal?" One of the jerks heard him and then asked him "So, Pominville's your guy?" and he said, with as much excitement as a 9 year old can muster: "Yeah!" I love kids. It was so cute I almost cried.

That was a TERRIBLE game, but seeing Pommer score that goal in person was probably one of the most exciting moments of that kid's life. That's another reason I love these two gents: they're excellent role models. I hope if I ever have a son one day there are hockey players like Pommer and Goose for them to look up to. I mean, most of the Sabres are great role models, but these two go above and beyond.

Uh, that got a little too real at the end, so here's a picture of a drunk elephant wearing glasses:


  1. If you thought the Dr Seuss thing knocked your socks off about Goose, try reading this one.

    This guy is too much.

    I really hope that the Goose PR push means good things for his contract at the end of the year.

  2. If you'd asked me during the playoffs last year if I'd trade Jason Pominville, I would have. Now I'd rather have a few toenails pulled out. I can't imagine Pommers somewhere else and I don't want to.

  3. Amy, I just read that article. You have got to be kidding me. I really don't think that I can handle any more of Goose's philanthropic awesomeness.


  4. Pommers is my #2 man, has been for a while. He and Royzie were duking it out for #1 last year and Roy won but Pomminville has firmly established himself as my second favorite Sabre. And what I like about him is that he quietly goes out and scores goals all the time and just leads by example. And he doesn't usually make me want to pull my hair out. (Roy can have that effect from time to time)

    And Goose, well, who doesn't love Goose?! Everything I read about the guy makes me like him more. He just seems swell, and I love all the work he's doing in the community. :)


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