Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Anne Loves Three Day Weekends

by Anne

So, I took Monday off again. Cough cough, I was so sick, cough cough.

I spent the day lounging, watching movies and re-joining MySpace. I cancelled my account like a year ago because clicking on a link caused my PC to crash. In retrospect, my PC is kind of a piece of junk, so I'm thinking it was a coincidence.

Anyway, I watched the Pens/Rangers game last night. I'm convinced that whichever team is most important for them to lose, always wins when I watch them on Versus. Whoops.

I can't believe its already the last week of the season.

After today I have 33 more days of work to go!!

Let's just discuss another team in the standings.

The Ottawa Suckators.

Even if the Sens make the playoffs, it won't be with much glory. For a good while, they were the bosses of the whole Eastern Conference, and now they're in 6th. 6th?! That slide took less than 2 months. Our slide took a whole season. Beat that, Montreal!

I feel bad for Sens fans, because the best they can really do right now is "At least we're IN the playoffs." True, we're not going to be there, and you, most likely, will probably manage to hang on, but wowza. Wow.Za.

Fellow bloggers, this was my first season being a rabidly obsessed fan. I've always been a fan, but school frequently interfered with my hockey fandom. What am I going to do next season when I'm back in school? Do I have time to maintain my level of obsession....oh, who am I kidding? As long as there are Pommers, Staffys, Roysies, Gooses, Pattys, Pies, Sissys and Yoyos, there will be Anne.

More importantly, what am I gong to do this off-season. I've tried liking baseball to no avail. I just don't care. Besides, MK accurately pointed out, once the NHL season starts again in October, my fake interest in baseball will be powerfully overshadowed by my love of hockey.

I'll have to satisfy myself with more infrequent posting about contracts and the draft. Maybe I can spend my time stalking Sabres that might live in or around Buffalo. Although that costs gas money, and I love not blowing my money more than I love the Sabres....Oh, what's this foolishness I keep spouting? We all know that's not true. How many games did I watch them lose this season in the flesh? Too many. But they did win at least 2 when I was in attendance, so I appreciate that.

I'm nervous about tonight's game against Toronto. They're a team that's playing for nothing but ice time and personal stats. They're eliminated from the post-season and we're hanging on by a thread. They have nothing to lose.

Whatever. What will be, will be. They'll be back next year, and so will I, and you too. Don't lie, you know you will be.

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  1. yeah summer is very hard for hockey fans. Baseball just isn't the same, though it can be a good time live. I say all the hockey fans should get together and go to a Bison's game or 2 this summer.

    In fact, when I lived in Salt Lake City, there were a bunch of our hockey season ticket holders who also had tickets for the baseball team there. (they all liked hockey better, but baseball was cheap and something to do)

    I'm up for player-stalkering.. LOL it's such a dangerous game..

    summer is a good time to study up on random hockey tidbits, like memorizing entire team rosters and who won the Stanley Cup every year and stuff. That's what I did the first summer away from hockey and it helped a lot.

    but it's not over yet!! ANd even if the Sabres don't make the playoffs, hockey won't be over until June.


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