Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is it REALLY still the First Round?

by Anne

Oy vey.

So, WHAT THE HELL, BOSTON? I don't even know how to feel about this series. Game 7? I, along with most others outside of the Greater Boston Area, gave this team 1 win at most and here they are with 3 heading to Game 7. Wowzas. I'm impressed.

That yicky Phil Kessel scored a goal. So HELP ME, MONTREAL IF PHIL KESSEL PROPELS HIS TEAM TO ROUND 2 I WILL NEVER SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT YOUR COMICAL ROSTER NAMES EVER AGAIN. Lantandresse? Brisebois? Dandenault? Forget it, you'll all be Jones, Smith, and Thompson.

Avs move forward. Woooooooooo? I don't really care. I know those who were pulling for Minnesota and they were my obligatory "You have to pick a team to pull for" team in that series. But apparently Peter Creepsberg has been just what the Avs needed. He's seriously creepy as all get out:

If I were dating Peter Forsberg, I 'd be this happy about it, too.

Why am I so creeped out by Peter Forsberg? I really have absolutely no idea.

This picture freaks me out (and, ok, kind of makes me laugh after the 3rd time you see it) far more:


I save random pictures that I find on Google image and then come up with loose tie-ins to post them in my blog.

Just like this one:

My sandwich WAS THIS BIG!...uhhhhh, it broke Ryan Miller's teeth!

My tie-ins are sheer brilliance, I know. I love the expression on Pommer's face too.

All of tonight's series are 3-2 and of the Western Conference variety. I suppose I'm pulling for the Bizarro Sabres (Nashville), Calgary and I'm really on the fence in the Ducks/Stars series.

On the one hand, the Stars have our 1999 Stanley Cup...and the Ducks eliminated the Sens last season. But...the Stars make an excellent claim by having Stuuuuuuuuuu Barnes. Then the Ducks counter with Brad May. Hmmmmmm. I'm torn. I don't like the shenanigans the Ducks pulled with Niedermayer and Selanne this season. And I was sad when they traded Andy McDonald. We beat the Stars this season and lost to the Ducks. BabyCrunchy is on the Ducks...George Bush is from Texas... I don't actually know any Ducks fans, but I know 1 Stars fan...The Ducks did hang with Snoop. I'm not sure what to feel. Then there's the fact that I haven't actually been able to watch an entire game in this series. That seriously affects my ability to assign my loyalties. Hence the reason I'm so passionately devoted to the Calgary Flames right now.

Remember when you eliminated the Sharks in 2004?

Let's do that again.


  1. Thank you for supplying me with my Iggy-pic fix before I head to work, Anne! I never thought I would care that much about a Western team this season, but Iggy and his posse have stolen my heart.

    And how about that Boston game?! That was probably the most exciting third period I've seen this postseason. I love how the commentators all talk about them like they're some kind of insect: "The Bruins just won't go away!" Like all Montreal had to do was hit them with a shoe or something.

    And that Miller picture cracks me up! He looks like a little kid trying to pull out his loose tooth. "Maybe the tooth fairy will leave a win under my pillow!"

  2. oh wow I miss a day of hockey and all hell breaks loose. Colorado wins? GRRR I hate them! (and don't worry, Forsberg freaks me out too, it's those creeptastic eyes of his) Boston forces a game 7? wtf yo?

    nice pictures. Heh. mmmm Iggy! He's just so damn adorable.


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