Monday, June 30, 2008

Road Trippin' It

by Anne

So Cory (sister's boyfriend) and I trekked it up to NU today to see the prospects skate it out from 3-5. It was way more fun than I anticipated it would be. I was afraid I might lose interest after a while, and yeah, some times I found myself watching the players on the bench or Lindy, but for the most part I was pretty committed to watching the scrimmage.

Cor declared team Golden Oldies was his team, and I was forced to root for the Navy Newbies. Ok, they were only the Oldies because Stafford and Kaleta were on their team. Anyway, team Navy featured Gerbe, Kennedy, Myers and Sekera among others, and they held a commanding 4-1 lead into the 2nd half and held on to win 5-4. Who picked the right team? This girl.

At one point in the 2nd half, Kaleta had some few sweet moves to get around a couple defensemen, and we were all cheering him on when he totally wiped out and landed right on his tush. Then we all, including him and Lindy, laughed at him as he looked for a penalty, haha.

I know its a drum that's been beaten to death but Nathan Gerbe is really really good. He was nuts. He was EVERYWHERE on the ice and scored a couple of goals. He didn't seem to be intimidated or slowed down by anyone or anything. He came out on the winning end of quite a few battles with guys like Mike Weber. He and Kennedy skated well together, and you can definitely see they get along well. At one point, Gerbe was sitting almost at the end of the bench and Kennedy came and sat down next to him and just shoved him out of the way so he could sit down, Gerbe was unfazed.

At one point I think Ennis blocked a shot because he seemed to be in a considerable amount of pain when he was sitting on the bench and kept gesturing to his side... or so it seemed... I couldn't really tell exactly where he was hurt, to be honest, he was kind of far away.

After practice, Myers, Stafford, Gerbe and I think Southorn stayed back to work on some drills. Some other players were down at the other end, but they were far away so I didn't pay them any mind.

Darcy was wandering around going in and out of the locker room, he pretended not to hear me when I asked him about what he was planning on doing tomorrow. Just like Andrew Orpik pretended not to hear me when I asked him about his brother. Jerks. Just pretend not to hear me, I can take it!

Phrase I enjoy that gets tossed around all to much: "He's a special player" "He's a special kind of player" They can't ALL be special, guys!

Anyhoot, it was lots of fun and I'm pretty sure tomorrow is the last day for it, so if you can get up there, check it out, its a good time.



  2. Uh, I am so jealous of "you people" that live close enough to go to things like this. They need to move Virginia closer to NY. I wonder who I should talk to about that? Congress? President? I'll have to check into that.

  3. Hey, I was there too! Unfortunately, I was rooting for the gold team. Loo-sers!

  4. Ummm... Anne. We need to fix this problem with hockey players ignoring you. It's upsetting. At least Goose loves you. That's what's most important. And YAY GOOSE!

  5. Jennifer, there has been a huge push lately to get people to move to Buffalo. If they'd only put the Sabres as their mains selling point, we'd be BURSTING with people clamoring to move here.

  6. Hey, I was there too! Unfortunately, I was rooting for the gold team. Loo-sers!

    Team Gold gave an excellent 2nd half push, but they did not live up to expectations. Sad, sad, sad.

  7. At least Goose loves you. That's what's most important

    Goose and I are grocery store soulmates. Maybe next time I see him at Wegman's I'll casually smile at him. Maybe. Our relationship may not be ready to be taken to that next level of general politeness between residents of the same city. Let's not get carried away.


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