Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Week In the Life, Day 2

by Anne

I wasn't able to take a picture of it, but Oscar decided this morning that I REALLY needed to give him breakfast at the usual time my dad gives him breakfast... 5:30. NOT HAPPENIN' CAT. He bugged me for a few minutes and just as I was considering getting up to feed him, he scurried away, and I went back to sleep.

Sooooo yyyeah I already fail at this, I forgot my camera at work, so tomorrow will have to be a little Day 2 and Day 3 mixed together.

On the Sabres' front:

Tim Kennedy is writing a prospect blog. And, if you know me, there are few things in life that make me happier than:
  1. Hockey players from Buffalo
  2. Hockey players who blog
This has all the makings of the greatest blog of all time. A few highlights:

Derek Whitmore, Mike Funk and Drew Schiestel are all here working out. Then guys like Nathan Paetsch, Adam Mair, Daniel Paille and Patrick Kaleta come in as well.

Awesome. Can I show up there? Ok, truth be told I wouldn't know Drew Schiestel if he came up to me and introduced himself. Out of the context of actually being IN HSBC Arena, or him in full Sabres gear, I would have no clue why I was supposed to know him. DO YOU THINK ADAM MAIR IS AS SCARY TO THESE PROSPECTS AS HE IS TO ME? Why does Adam Mair scare me so much?!

I'm pretty sure I've never laid eyes on this guy before.

I’ve talked to those guys for the past few summers. They are all great and tell you what to expect, what’s going to happen.

Come on, Kennedy. They're ALL great? Not one is a douche bag? You and Gerb-Dogg don't talk about your back to back NCAA championships? This "Drew Schiestel" enigma doesn't talk about how great it is to be TOTALLY annonymous in the City of Buffalo? Wait, I notice he casually forgot to mention TimmyHO. He's probably got the dick-head quotient locked down.

We’re all good friends so it will be good to meet up with them again as well as meeting the new guys- everyone who was recently drafted and signed.

Does that not seem like the naive country bumpkin from Kansas who finds herself in a crazy web of sex lies and destruction in a recent season of MTV's Real World? I bet Nathan Gerbe has a secret serious drinking problem and Derek Whitmore has a crazy ex-girlfriend who shows up at practices. Wait until Andrew Orpik starts sleeping with Pat Kaleta's girlfriend and then has an emotional confessional room break-down about it. THEN we'll see who your "good friends" are, Tim Kennedy! Not everyone who LIVES in Buffalo is as awesome as we people FROM Buffalo.

Anyway, here's the link ch-ch-check it out.


  1. I have to believe that Adam Mair is tearing his hair out. No way could one sane man handle all those toddlers by himself.

    Is no one else available to assist babysitting???

  2. Maybe this "Drew Schiestel" fake person is able to keep his real teammates under control... because he's invisible and not real and that confuses Pie-YAY.

  3. I hear Schiestel has been in Buffalo all summer working out and living with Adam Mair.

  4. I hear Schiestel has been in Buffalo all summer working out and living with Adam Mair.

    Do you think Adam Mair wakes up every morning with an "ACK! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" and Drew has to explain who he is, but Mairsy isn't quite sure he believes him, but he goes along with the charade anyway? I'm going to pretend that that's what happens.


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