Tuesday, July 1, 2008


by Anne

I consider the trade deadline the hockey fan's Christmas. Mostly because it's all day long and you could hear about a trade at like 8:00 a.m. in Anaheim. Since free agent day coincides almost directly with my birthday, I consider free agency day to be the hockey fan's birthday.

Last year, I avoided the whole Briere/Drury debacle by being in Italy on July 1 and Spain on my actual birthday (July 4). So, as I am on American soil this free agency day, I consider it to be quite fortuitous for our boys in blue and gold.

We've locked down Goose who's totally excited to still be here, almost as excited as I was when I read the news on TSN. There was jumping up and down and squealing. Ahhhh female sports fans, we have our own unique way of celebrating. It's roughly the same way I celebrated when I found out a friend of mine was pregnant, actually. WOOO! MORE RANDOM BAR AND GROCERY STORE ENCOUNTERS FOR ME AND THE GOOSE. Cuz, honestly, where else do people aged 23-26 gather other than bars, grocery stores and work? Ok, creepily enough I might soon start working at the Arena. Maybe I should start shopping at Tops...

Anyhoot, I love delving into "anayltics" sometimes:

To the person who found this blog by searching for "man buds" umm, welcome? I'm not sure what "man buds" are, but I hope we were able to aid you in your quest.

What's up creepers who searched for "Drew Stafford is mine" and found this blog? Does that then make him MINE if it's on this blog somewhere? I don't recall ever typing these words except in perhaps: "Brian Campbell is S(h)ara's favorite Sabre, Drew Stafford is mine" Well I mean, hey, I think Staffy's pretty B-A but that doesn't make him MINE. Besides S(h)ara and I were young and foolish and have new favorite Sabres now. Although the race is back on next season, boys.

"Andrew Peters girlfriend 2008" is that like NHL 2k8? Do you go on virtual dates with Petey and have to pass hockey-player-girlfriend related tasks?

Why is "Thomas Vanek" our top player name hit? Mad love for ya, SabreBritney, but I don't think I talk about you all that often. Although, for a hot minute his play in the World Championships was the only hockey related/ Sabres related thing I had to talk about, maybe that's why.

"'what a guy' orphans blind" I'd love to know what this person's ultimate goal was in using these search terms.
Anyway, I have class from 1:30-4:30 today and then I have to take the bus home so I will miss the most exciting hours of free agency. I don't want to talk about it. BOOOOOOOO. I'll have to wait til I get home to find out the good stuff. I'll be able to pay attention to the first hour, and hopefully that's when the most exciting Sabres-related or most exciting non-Sabres-related deals go down. WOOOO!

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  • "Ryan Miller" Shutout - A 58 minute multi-goal shutout lead that is blown by Miller allowing one meaningless goal
  • Britney or SabreBritney - Thomas Vanek
  • Butter Snaps - Carolina Hurricanes
  • Craigory - Craig Rivet
  • Full Monty - Steve Montador
  • Greener - MATT Greene (LAK)
  • JBG - Jolly Blonde Giant - Tyler Myers
  • Little Foot - Drew Stafford
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