Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Only Got 4 Minutes to... Update This Blog

by Anne

I've been so FREAKIN busy this week. I barely have enough time to cheer on my OBF in the All-Around! What a terrible fate.

I'm still teaching and the show is on Friday so things are that much more ramped up, and THEN on top of that, I'm working at the shows at night at the membership table, so its a long day, from like 1:30-10:45.

That leaves precious little time for the IMPORTANT things in life, such as trying to get myself to hold off on panicking about my #1 man's contract, Mats and Joe (they should think about a buddy cop movie), Michael Phelps, men's gymnastics and how much I love almond M&Ms.

However, yesterday Jimmy, my now ELEVEN YEAR OLD (OMG WHEN DID HE GET SO OLD??!) cousin came over. Jimmy is the cousin who accompanied me to the Richard Zednick game. GREAT. He loves Ryan Miller and is convinced that Ovechkin plays for the Sabres. I never claimed he was "with it".

Anyway, I have my NHL standings tracker hanging up in my room, and Jimmy and I were reviewing NHL logos and team stars. He thought it was hysterical to constantly answer with "Pominville" or "Ovechkin" if he didn't know a players name. He also considered it hysterical to refuse to refer to Nicklas Lidstrom as anything other than Nicklas Flamel. Most importantly was the moment he couldn't remember the Vancouver "Canucks" so the word he pulled out of his 11 year old brain was the Vancouver "Cankles". In case you're wondering, I don't think Jimmy knows what "cankles" are, but I nearly wet myself laughing about a bunch of really self conscious men taking up hockey because the skates would mask their chunky ankles.

I DID purchase the Jonas Brothers album, which I'm sure you were ALL wondering about. Its pretty fun and rather enjoyable, and, yes I do occasionally feel like a creeper while listening to it. The only comfort I take is that two of them are at least 18 and the oldest one is only like 2 years younger than I am, and I don't feel quite as creeped out any more. FORTUNATELY they're all about being sexually pure or something like that until they're married so there's no risk of stumbling upon any kind of freaky sexually suggestive song being sung by a 16 year old boy who has curls that most of his female fans would kill for.

When did this become a Jonas Brothers blog? Does such a thing exist? I'm sure it does, why do I doubt that for a second? I have absolutely no interest in looking for them. I think they're going to be in Buffalo on Friday. I have to work, but I wouldn't go even if I didn't have to. I'm sure that all you hear through 90% of the concert is 14 year old girls screaming and carrying on like if they scream loud enough Nick (the 16 year old with the curls of a deity) will leap out of the audience and marry them on the spot. I can see the joint bank accounts now.


Bryan McCabe's future is up in the air. WOW. WHAT A SHOCK, ANOTHER PLAYER WHO MAY OR MAY NOT MAKE A DECISION THAT WILL AFFECT WHERE HE'LL BE PLAYING NEXT SEASON. He Mats and Joe should just form their own band called the Indecisives and tour the world. They can visit Jagsie in Russia.

Yes Bryan, you can play the tambourine

Someone broke into Beth's (the head teacher of my classes) car last night and stole half of our costumes and stuff for our show so now I have to go find towels and bedsheets to act as weapons (yes, weapons) for our battle and some other stuff because we now are down 5 of our 10. Awesome.

Check ya later.


  1. I really, really like the Jonas Brothers.

  2. I pretty much died laughing when I read the "cankles" part. Though I am slightly disturbed to think of Steve Bernier suiting up for the Vancouver Cankles...


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