Friday, August 1, 2008

LOOK! A Post That's NOT Regurgitating Perez Hilton!

by Anne

Sorry that this has become a hotbed for celebrity hockey-related gossip. Its just too funny not to post.

ANYWAY! Back to hockey. has posted a nice article summarizing our prospects. They've been taking turns going through each team and analyzing their up and comers. I'm such a loser I MARKED THE DAY THEY WERE DOING THE SABRES ON MY iCAL. I AM THE EPITOME OF COOL.

Anyway, they didn't disappoint, so here's the article.

There are the usual odd errors like speculating if Tim Kennedy will turn pro. Now, someone please correct me if I am mistaken, but doesn't signing a contract automatically mean you've "turned pro"?

Marc Andre Gragnani is a complete enigma. I thought he was a forward, or now he's a defenceman, but now he's a winger. CAN HE JUST PICK ONE PLEASE? I can't imagine its really facilitating his growth as a player that people keep declaring him one position or another. What did he play when he was called up this year? I honestly can't remember and don't feel like going back through posts and/or articles to figure it out.

I'm liking what they have to say about Chris Butler. He seems to have moved along quickly in his development adding size and power. Two things we really need on the blue line. I'm sure he's going to need a stint in Portland to get up to snuff, but the things this article had to say about him sound promising. Wow. What a refreshing change of pace this is. Depth and potential on defense! Sekera, Weber, Butler with Brennan and Myers still developing with promise! yay! Woohoo!! Sneaky hard-working forwards maybe my favorite, but I'm ALWAYS ready to love promising talent.

I just turned to Family Guy and Adam West is running down the street shooting cats at someone off a crossbow. WHAT AN EXCELLENT NIGHT THIS HAS TURNED OUT TO BE.


  1. I believe Gragnani was playing forward- one of the wings? when he was called up this year.

    And as for Kennedy "going pro", has he actually signed a contract? Buffalo owns his rights (for the moment) but that doesn't mean anything now, he has one more year of college eligibility if he wants to take it. (because once you accept money for playing a sport you are ineligible for NCAA play) He can attend all the prospect camps he wants and another team would have to negotiate with the Sabres if they want him.

    So unless and until he actually signs with the Sabres (or Portland) there is still the question of whether he will go pro or do one more year at Michigan State. Does that make sense?

  2. And as for Kennedy "going pro", has he actually signed a contract?

    Yeah he did in like uhhh April? May? During the playoffs sometime. So doesn't that mean he's pro? haha.

    because once you accept money for playing a sport you are ineligible for NCAA play

    Yeah, that's what I figured. Woo!


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