Sunday, October 26, 2008

Super (boring) Sunday

by Anne

WOOO! I was so excited to be able to dedicate today to football! I was heading over to my Aunt's house who lives like its 1975, with no internet, no dishwasher and a TV antenna, so I could watch my Bills play.

.....and they lost. To the Dolphins. It was gross and unpleasant, much like the pile of dishes I decided to wash while my Aunt's out of town because it was taking over the counterspace and frustrating me almost as much as our passing game.

Then I was like "Ok, Steelers!" Sunday Night Football! WOO! Much like the Pens are my "#2 Eastern Conference default if the Sabres aren't in the playoffs" team, the Steelers serve the same purpose for me in football.

...and then they lost too.

WOW, what a GOOD DAY.

Then I watched the video footage of poor Brandon Sutter getting annihilated by Doug Weight. I almost feel as bad for Doug Weight who's not a bad dude. You could see on his face that he felt awful about what happened as they were tending to the most-recent-to-enter-the-NHL Sutter.

Hits to the head should be illegal. Period. I'm not sure how they should be regulated, but they need to be controlled. Granted, Doug Weight did not seem intent upon concussing Brandon Sutter and causing him to be hospitalized, but he's possibly an exception to hits like that.

Everytime I see something like that or, ya know, that time on February 10 when I was in HSBC Arena aka the last game Richard Zednick played last season, all I think about is how upset I'd be if that had happened to a Sabre. Just watch the footage of Brandon Sutter and picture one of our rookies. At that game on February 10, I kept thinking about how sick to my stomach and panic-attacky I would've been if that had happened to a Sabre. Ok let's change the subject, I don't want to think about that anymore. I got mad enough when Derek Roy's wrist was hurt when he was slashed yesterday.


Then I watched some Extreme Home Makeover WHICH ALWAYS MAKES ME CRY. Friggin', every time, I cry. Today it was a little boy who was normal til he was 4 then he had leukemia and then he had crazy awful pneumonia and had to have a double lung transplant and he has to take this awful medication that's given him cataracts and his body has swelled and he has diabetes. To CAP OFF the irony, the little boy's name is JOB. You are basically DOOMING a person to a life of trials and tribulations when you name them Job.

The only silver lining came when I was at Wegman's tonight. No, I did not see any Sabres... not exactly...

It's just as tasty this season when we're winning
Look at my crazy eyebrow

Ice cream was the highlight of my day. Wow. Now I have to read.

Sorry about that whole "think about the Sabres being brutally attacked on the ice" paragraph.

Let's lighten things up:




  1. I got Break Away Berrier Too! HA! That's way too funny!


    Ryan Miller can make ice cream for me whenever he wants.

  3. You find such great pictures.

  4. I would like to record to reflect my insane jealousy at all of you who have that in the dessert case at your local supermarket.


  5. I got Break Away Berrier Too! HA! That's way too funny!

    its so delicious!!!! all the world should be able to enjoy it.


    Ryan Miller can make ice cream for me whenever he wants.

    I have an ice cream maker, I think Ryan should come over and share some ice cream making tips with me.... in my bedroom.... sans pants. Just a proposition.

  7. You find such great pictures.

    I steal them all or get screen captures from interviews... all by using the time I SHOULD be doing homework, meh, homework never won hockey games.

  8. I would like to record to reflect my insane jealousy at all of you who have that in the dessert case at your local supermarket.

    If, and by if I mean "when" you get up to Buffalo for a game, you MUST have some. I'm convinced the more people that eat it, the better Ryan Miller plays. I'm not sure if that's true but since no one can prove its not, I'm going to keep eating Breakaway Berrier like it is.

  9. I tried watching that Bills game yesterday, but yuck. After halftime it all went downhill from there so I said screw it and shut it off. I watched the good part when I was hospital, but that wasn't swell either way so this weekend has just been awful for me.

    I was tempted to get my mom to buy some Top Shelf ice cream today but then decided 'nah'. We have tons of ice cream at home (EVEN THOUGH I LOVE MY THIN LAYERS OF FUDGE WITH NUTS AND CONE PIECES!).

    Hahaha, oh my God, I seriously think someone told Thomas in that picture 'Stupid facial expression time...and...NOW!'
    And Pie, well, he looks confused/lost/adorable as ever.

  10. Anne, I totally do homework and blog. I think near the end of semester we should call a halt to bloggers everywhere so we can pass. :O


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