Friday, November 14, 2008

I Was All Set To Leave Until I Realized the Game is at 7:30, Not 7:00

by Anne

2/3 of the band is back together!
Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I went there

I love this ad from a random website I was just cruising:

You can lose 12 pounds and dramatically change your skin color!

I'm killing time because I'm all ready to leave at 5:00 to be there at 5:30. However, the game is at 7:30 which means I don't have to be there until 6:00. SWEEEEEET.

So I know there are a few of you that will be in the Arena tonight, I'm assuming most likely in the 300s unless you are wealthy... and if that is the case... why are we not better friends?

I work in sections 311ish- 322ish, aisles 14-23. HOWEVER. Before the game I wander aimlessly around the upper level and mostly talk to the ushers. I pay no attention to the people around me unless they flail frantically because they want popcorn and considering that happens.... once every 3 games, I basically zone out. Please don't think I'm ignoring you if you're there before the game and I'm wandering but don't say anything. If I make no wave or smile or say "hi" chances are I did not see you. I'm REALLY good at zoning out and still looking attentive. I'm a stage manager and college student, two trades where you can truly hone those skills.

Another note, please do not feel obligated to buy anything from me. $3.50 is totally ridiculous for a bottle of Coke, even if you DO get to keep the cap this season. I don't want people to avoid me because they don't want to buy anything, hahaha. BUT, if you do buy food, keep in mind that vendors work on commission and concessions people do not. That goes for beer and packaged food. WOO! Vendors wear black and white refs shirts, concessions people wear red shirts and there are LOTS more concessions people. Oh and there's like this great rivalry apparently between vending and concessions? I don't get it, but apparently it exists.

There's nothing more annoying than showering and doing your hair only to have to put on unflattering clothes and a baseball cap. Gross.


  1. OH SNAP!!! You so went there!

  2. There's nothing more annoying than showering and doing your hair only to have to put on unflattering clothes and a baseball cap. Gross.

    AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH?? When I used to be a waitress at my nursing home, I had to wear ridiculous white dress shirts, a bow tie, and my hair had to be up and in a hair net. Tell me why I would bother to straighten my hair and put makeup on?? Because the occasional hot grandson would come to visit. Or Katherine Heigl's grandmother might be one of your residents (TRUE STORY).

  3. Ohhhh, you went there.

    Those jokes will never get old. Never.


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