Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday Stuff

by Anne

I hate J.P. Losman. I spit on his mother *pa-tooey*

When did I become an old sicilian granny?

Anyway, on to more important things in the hockey world:

The Blackhawks WHUPPED the Coyotes, winning 7-1. Sharpie scored his 16th of the season. Woooo!! He's so unassumingly awesome. All he has to do is unassumingly kick someone's butt in a fight and he'll have found the upper eschelons of my hockey esteem. This is a feet rarely attained but Jochen Hecht has just found is way up there after fighting Vinny Lecavalier. That was completely badass.

The Rangers out shot the Flames 31-20 last night (including a 12-2 shot advantage in the 2nd) and lost 3-0. HA! Iggy scored the game winner!!! But, seriously TWO SHOTS in the 2nd? Yeesh. Nine different Flames had a point in this game. When only 3 goals are scored, that's pretty good. The Rangers also gave up yet another short handed goal. I'm not sure where they rank in the league in allowing short handed goals, but it seems to me that happens to them frequently.

BIG BEAR SCORED HIS 6TH AND 7TH GOALS OF THE SEASON! WOOOO!!! Then the Canucks lost in the shoot out :( OMG Big Bear had SUCH an amazing chance to score in OT, it hit the post and Budaj couldn't find it for a second. :( Ugh, poor baby Schneider was completely overwhelmed for the shootout. The Avalanche have some good shooters but he was 0 for 3. Its ok, you'll work on it. I have a feeling AV will be running a few shootout drills in practice this week for the benefit of Cory.


Big Bear scored 2 goals and there was not a single shot of him. This displeases me. :(


Getzy had 2 goals in the 2nd period in the Ducks 5-3 win over the Blue Jackets. Wooo!


I'm not optimistic about tonight's game. Yes, we won the other night and that was wicked sweet. BUT, that was the Tampa Bay Lightning and this is the Pittsburgh Penguins. Nathan Gerbe did well and the team played well but Sidney Crosby is still Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin is still the ugliest son of a B I've ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on who also happens to be a phenomenal hockey player.

Basically, I'm pretty confident we'll be walking away from this one on the losing end. This isn't even the "I'm secretly optimistic but trying to sound pessimistic" Anne, this is "we're legit going to lose" Anne. Fleury is out but meh, Sabourin is still good. The fact that I know their backup's name tells you something about him. :-/

Dear Nathan Gerbe,

Even if we lose, I'd really like it if you'd score a goal, that'd be pretty spectacular. :)


Oh yeah and this was really nice to find when I opened this morning:


Its part of the Morning Skate, but a story about Gerbe kicks things off.

An excerpt:

Will the 5-foot-5 Gerbe stick in Buffalo? Time will tell. But should he ever return to Portland, he'll have a phenomenal story to share. As he arrived on the ice in Tampa for Saturday's morning skate, his teammates began tapping their sticks. It was a welcoming the rookie center never will forget.

"It's something I'm going to really remember and take it all in when I step on that ice," Gerbe told The Buffalo News. "It's something I really want to remember for the rest of my life, playing my first NHL game. I've been looking forward to this dream since I was 10 years old, so finally it comes through, and I'm just pretty happy to be here."

Everyone's been excited about him for months, you have to think the players are excited to see what he can do. Yay! Love.

Not hockey:

I had an exam this morning at 7:40. I was back in my kitchen at 9:23. Take THAT higher education. I feel confident about it too. It was three questions about 2 books I'd actually read and I had the books with me at the time. Awesome.

Current song I can't stop listening too: Single Ladies - Beyonce


  1. Evgeni Malkin is still the ugliest son of a B I've ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on

    I think he might be tied with Ovechkin. HE is def. unfortunate looking!


  2. I can't stop listening to Single Ladies, either! I hate how it's so addicting.

  3. I think he might be tied with Ovechkin. HE is def. unfortunate looking!

    its a damn good thing they're both such good hockey players for the sake of their sex lives.

  4. I can't stop listening to Single Ladies, either! I hate how it's so addicting.

    its just so fun to dance around and be a fool to. haha


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