Sunday, January 4, 2009

Firefox and I Are At Odds

by Anne

Firefox and I have not gotten along for sometime now. For example, if anyone's blog loads a video or 2 from the NHL Network, Firefox cannot handle it, and frequently shuts down. When I had to get my keypad replaced I asked the guys if there was something wrong with my computer and they said no, so basically Firefox just doesn't like me. Sometimes when I open this site, my blog looks like this:

Thank goodness I can still see the foxy beasts in the upper corners.

I assume it doesn't normally look like this for you guys. However, I have to use Firefox to update this thingydingy if I want to post pictures. Safari just doesn't seem to understand this concept of pictures. Its darn near impossible to move the pictures or format them. So unless I want all the pictures to stay at the top of a post, its not a good time.

This "starting lineup" for the All-Star game is Grade A baloney. I have no interest in the top line-up. I'm far more interested in seeing which players are named to the rest of the team, ya know, the players that SHOULD have been voted in because they DESERVE to be there. They like to name players from as many teams as possible so I'm thinking Vanek probably gets a nod, and maybe (but probably not) Miller. I hope at least one of our boys goes so I have some reason to wear my jersey while watching the festivities and getting wasted (hopefully) like last year. Last year we made the skills competition into a drinking game and it was one of the best decisions of 2008, right behind electing Barack Obama and bailing out the auto industry.

I realized today that I'm going to be in school forever. I won't be finished and ready to teach until I'm 25. OK, I'm already 23 but still that just seems like a long time away.

Other people have mentioned this but I keep forgetting to. There's been talk that Brian Burke is looking at Paul Gaustad for Team USA for the 2010 Olympics in his attempts to put together a more physical and tough team. They don't get much more physical or tougher than Goose. This makes me very excited. We all know about his long road to the NHL and how much of a longshot he was to even play one game in this league. Fast forward 9 years from when he was drafted and he's an integral part of the Buffalo Sabres and could be an integral part of representing our country in the Olympics. He was supposed to play for Team USA in the World Championships this summer but had to have surgery so had to withdraw. The World Championships are made up of whichever players' teams did not make the playoffs or were eliminated in the first round so its not as big of a deal to be selected. I'm sure its still an honor, but its not as competitive. The NHL season ceases for the Olympics so basically everyone is available. Therefore, to be selected to the 25ish so player roster carries much more weight. Basically all that rambling was to say that I really hope Goose is selected for the team with Miller, who is clearly a lock for the goaltending job, and they make us all extra proud.

Brian Burke, you know who else is gritty and physical and tough and American?

Santa Claus

.... oh yeah, and Matt Greene


  1. I have to share about firefox....

    I get so flustered I cuss... well I cuss normally but I cuss like a truck driver because 9 chanced out of 10 I have to tab an IE tab to get a video to play. Like the Sabres TV for example... I tab my browser normally... open want to watch a post game video... oh no sister... gotta close the damn scratch that darn thing render it IE then reclick on the video I want to see and voila it plays. Same with youtube... makes me so mad I could scream. OK I am getting mad now. I think I need anger management classes... LOL!

  2. If you ask Burkey Clause all nice like he brings you what you want.

  3. I will be a very giddy girl if Goose makes the Olympic team for USA.

  4. If Goose makes the Olympics you will have to pry my cold dead fingers off of my TV remote because no one is changing the channel if there is even a chance that I could see him play in all his glory.

  5. I cant remember if it was a pic or a video of Miller walking back down the to the locker room after he was cut... but it looked like someone killed his pet. That must suck to get cut from the Olympics. I hope that Miller is a lock... and Goose will be locked in as well. It would be a great to see them on the ice for Team USA!


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