Friday, January 9, 2009

That Was Not Pretty

by Anne

Yes, we won. That ROCKS. 4-0 in '09!

However, its a darn miracle that the Rangers didn't run away with that one in like a 7-1 rout.

THE BUFFALO SABRES DIDN'T MUSTER A SHOT ON GOAL IN THE SECOND PERIOD UNTIL THE 9:58 MARK. The sarcastic smattering of applause throughout the arena that followed that shot was priceless.

The important part of that display of suckitude is that we won. The Sabres really turned on their motors in the 3rd and came dangerously close to scoring many times. They did not, but they actually showed up to play in the third. Would've been nice if their big boy pants had arrived a little earlier, but we'll take what we can get.

Am I the only one who had a heart attack seeing Timmy in the shooting lane on the penalty kill? Like, the first one challenging the defensemen. I don't think I want Timmy taking a Staal one-timer to the skull.

Royzie's goal was nice. Vanek and Stafford's passes were spot on and Derek snatched up his own rebound to bury it. It was only our 11th or so shot on goal BUT THE 2ND PERIOD WAS ALMOST OVER.

Ryan Miller had to make 43 saves in regulation and OT and then made 3 saves in the shootout. He deserved that win. Someone (I think it was Puck Daddy) wrote at the beginning of the season that Miller doesn't "steal" many games for the Sabres. I begged to differ, and now add this game to the "why I'm right" column in that argument.

I must say it was quite delightful that Drury did not score in the shootout. I couldn't watch. I literally covered my eyes and hid behind some dudes in the aisle. I couldn't watch Drury tie it up and send out extra shooters.

That game FLEW by. There were only 2 penalties and they were both on us. If I'm clocking out at 10:08 after OT and a shootout on a 7:30 start, that game was clearly quick.

Sales were awful. Thanks A LOT, Sabres. When you're apathetic about the game, customers are apathetic about popcorn and cotton candy.

For those who are wondering, pre-game I counted Miller jerseys v. Vanek jerseys.

Miller: 38
Vanek: 28
Fuzzy Purple Coats: 1

A win is a win, they didn't blow a lead, they battled back from a one goal defecit to tie it and then not lose their cool and won in the shootout. The Rangers are dang good in the shootout, so all game I was like "Please don't let this go to a shootout" and YEP, shootout. But, they didn't lose their minds and won. It's nice to have a four game win cushion for our soul-crushing, mind-numbing defeat tomorrow.

Speaking of things that are soul-crushing and mind numbing: don't forget you can come and watch the afore-mentioned assumed loss tomorrow night at Casa di Pizza, 477 Elmwood Ave in Buffalo with some of your favorite Buffalo sports bloggers. Don't worry, we don't bite. Well, I can't say with certainty that NONE of us bite, but that's part of the fun, right?

ETA: We were the only team to win on home ice last night. Weird, huh?

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  1. We were the only team to win on home ice last night. Weird, huh?

    That is really strange...I wonder when the last time that happened was.


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