Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thomas Vanek 31, Jason Pominville 23

by Anne

Woooooooooooo!!! To quote RJ "That was a wild and wooly one!"

Ahhhh, 3-0- in '09.

We all must admit that this season, whenever any preview of any kind breaks down a Sabres v. Whoevers game and it says anything like "The Whoevers have lost 48 of the last 50 on the road and couldn't put a puck on net if the life of their mother depended on it", it usually means the Whoevers will leave HSBC arena with a brighter future ahead. It already happened earlier this season against Ottawa in one of their only FOUR road victories to date. FOUR.

MIRACULOUSLY, that did not happen tonight and the Sabres won 4-2. Although for a few minutes when it all too quickly went from 3-0 to 3-2, all things were not feeling so great. However, Vanek came through with the empty netter and slammed the door on this one.

Who doesn't love a game in which your team scores 15 seconds in? and it was Matt Ellis (AGAIN) no less.

I put a lot of stock into tonight's game. For some reason I felt like this was a do or die game. I'm not really sure why, we're only halfway through the season and Ottawa isn't a threat to us in the standings, but I was more emotionally invested in this game than I anticipated I would be. I guess I can best sum it up by saying that I love watching the Sabres play and I love the feeling of winning and there's nothing more disappointing after a big win over a divisional opponent than a big loss to another divisional opponent. I like the glow of "the last time the Sabres played, they won." as I go about my day and I hate having that feeling taken away.

For those who might not have been in attendance, let me just say that the RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION chorus of "BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" that rained down when Ruutu decided to have a mid-game snack of Petey's "texting thumb" was unreal. The passion and rage flowing from the 300 level was oppressive and impressive.

I can't wait for the fallout from "ThumbGate 2009". Jarkko, WHO DOES THAT? WHO BITES AN OPPOSING PLAYER? That's just embarrassing. Its much easier to defend Mairsy marching down the hall than it is to defend a player deciding to cut his teeth on another man's digits. I love selling where I do because I'm across from the benches and I could watch the whole debacle of Petey shaking his hand and waving it at the officials and then getting penalized for whining or something.

Ladies, a bit of advice. If you work in the service industry and you get tipped, wear a thin white polo shirt and a leopard print bra. Watch your tips sky rocket. Thank me later.

I've now won the pool in our commissary 4 times this season. I am not popular in our commissary because of this record.

So the title refers to my daily "Anne needs something to do before the game sometimes" . I decided last game to count jerseys of players who still play in the NHL but no longer for the Sabres. That was only like 8. Tonight before the game I counted Vanek jerseys v. Pominville jerseys. I was expecting the outcome to be closer. My sampling was whoever walked by me before the game started and I could definitively see the number on their jersey. If I could only see a 6 or a 9 it didn't count as either because it could've been Peters or Kaleta or Roy or Connolly. In that 1/2 hour I saw 31 Vanek jerseys and 23 Pominville. Roughly half of the Vanek jerseys were the new third jerseys, interestingly enough. Next game I'm planning to count Miller v. Vanek. I'm positive Miller's total will blow Vanek's 31 out of the water. I might just count Miller v. everyone else and Miller might STILL win.

Hats off to Derek Roy for nearly face planting into Patrick Lalime during the 2nd period to avoid a too many men on the ice penalty. Royzie calmly dumped the puck in and then went off on a change through the door which is inside the blue line. However, the puck slid all the way back around to him and if he had touched it, or it had touched him, we would've been penalized. Watching him hop onto the boards (literally), startling Patty Lalime and his little yellow cap was highly amusing.

The Pens actually won tonight, but it was the Thrashers, that doesn't mean much. They're still a point behind us, out of a playoff spot. The 'Canes also won (thanks a LOT, New Jersey) which maintains their 2 point lead.

Should I not be thinking about playoff spots already?

The 'Hawks blanked the Coyotes in their own building tonight. Adam Burish, hetero life partner to potential hottie All-Star, Patrick Sharp, scored his first goal of the season tonight in a 4 goal 2nd period. Towes scored twice and Kaner is still sitting out with an ankle injury. :(

No game again until Friday at home against the Rangers. Can't wait for the boos for Dru. Oh yeah and Kalinin will be there too... remember him?

Feels good to finally be in the 20-win column.


  1. Kalinin is a whole bunch of major fail. I can't wait until Friday to see the reaction to him coming back as an opposing player.

    I can't believe Ruutu actually bit Petey's hand. Even though Petey's reaction was way over the top, I don't understand how you can bite someone. I liked Ruutu on the Penguins, but now I can't stand him.

    My mom mentioned to me earlier in the season how she saw a lot more people wearing Vanek jerseys than normal. I had to remind her that there are some people in this world who buy jerseys based on who is doing the best at that point in time, and not who a person's favorite player is. I know not everyone buys like that, but it's just amusing to see all these Vanek jerseys come out of the woodwork while (there were a lot before), but I can't believe he beat out Pommers with the jerseys you saw in the hallway.

  2. Should I not be thinking about playoff spots already?

    Anne, I was thinking about playoff spots about three games into the season. You always have to think about playoff spots.

  3. Ladies, a bit of advice. If you work in the service industry and you get tipped, wear a thin white polo shirt and a leopard print bra. Watch your tips sky rocket. Thank me later.

    Oh yes. Hot pink panties/bras under white also work. I loooove forgetting what I'm wearing underneath! haha


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