Friday, February 6, 2009

Wear Red to Support the Habs- I Mean, the Heart

by Anne

Sabres fans are encouraged to wear red tonight to support awareness for heart disease in women. Heart disease being by far the #1 killer of women in the United States. However, the only way this could be a more awkward color choice is if we were playing the Caps who boat the sentence-not-a-sentence slogan of "Red is Caps Hockey."

For those keeping score, the Montreal Canadiens colors are RED, blue and white. Fortunately and quite obviously the Habs will be wearing mostly white tonight as they visit HSBC Arena. I hope all the red doesn't give Sabres fans a complex about a lack of local support. On the other hand, I really hope people come out and wear red and donate and all that jazz.

I thought we had played better against the Habs this season, but to date we are 1-2 against hem, our only win being our home opener. However, all the games have been one goal decisions, so this should be a close game.

Remember how sicknasty the Habs were on the power play last season, particularly in the second half? That is most certainly not the case this season.The Habs are currently ranked 22nd in the league in power play percentage and 11th in penalty kill. Yowzas. But, they're still ahead of us, so let's not take them lightly.

Their leading goal scorer Robert Lang(!) is out for the season after severing his achilles tendon. Hey, Goose came back from that injury in the playoffs, it could happen for you to Langer! Interestingly, Lang has only 18 goals on the season, yet leads the team in goals. Thus proving they must be getting goals from all throughout their line-up in order to be in the position they're in.

Truth be told, we only have one player who has more than 20 goals. Here's some fun trivia: if you combined the goals scored this season by Maxim Afinogenov (2), Dan Paille (5) and Jochen Hecht (6) it totals 13. Thirteen also happens to be the difference between how many goals our #2 goal scorer, Derek Roy (19), has scored and how many Thomas Vanek (32) has scored this season. Thirteen is also the difference between the total number of goals the Sabres have scored this season (156) and the number of goals scored against us (143).

Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller are duking it out for Sabres season MVP at the moment.

Oh yeah and:

"Buffalo (27-20-5) is battling for its third straight playoff appearance and sits seventh in the Eastern Conference with 59 points, just five behind fourth-place Montreal (29-16-6)."

Honestly, Associated Press. That is pathetic researching. I'm now going to time how long it takes me to open and click on last year's standings. 23 seconds. That is also including me accidentally picking 2006-2007 instead of 2007-2008 and I have a fairly crappy internet connection. In case you're unclear on what I'm talking about, the Buffalo Sabres finished 10th in the East last season and only the first eight spots make it to the playoffs.

I felt sick today so I went home and decided to cook something. As soon as the dish was in the oven, I realized I felt completely fine. Cooking and hockey (when they win) are both so theraputic sometimes.


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  2. I swear, a Sabres win has therapeutic healing powers.

    (Haha, I wrote "sweat." lol)

  3. Ha, my email still sent me "I sweat" so I was like "does she mean she like works out?"

    Maybe instead of cooking I should like jog or something, I'd be so much thinner, haha.

  4. I thought the same exact thing when I heard that tonight was the Red Night. Glad they're doing this, but against Montreal, a team whose main color is red?

    As soon as I read that AP article earlier today I caught the same mistake, and reread the sentence and had to think for a second... 'wait, I'm pretty sure I was in deep depression last May, which only means we didn't make the playoffs...' Lazy and bad reporting by the AP, a shocker I know.

    What did you cook?

  5. The Associated Press is made up of people who can't research, apparently. Also, whoever makes the captions for pictures on Yahoo! still think that Andrew Peters is Jason Peters.


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