Monday, March 9, 2009


by Anne

If you've ever looked at this blog before, you are probably well aware of the fact that in addition to being a Sabres fan I have recently become Vancouver Canucks and LA Kings fan. These are the most recent teams to fall into my "Western Conference favorite" category. Just ask Calgary and Anaheim how easy it is to fall out of my good graces. Although, I still love Jarome Iginla more than almost any other hockey player.

The purpose of having other teams to cheer for is so that when the Sabres aren't playing I can still watch hockey with some kind of emotional investment. Of course its not nearly the same level of emotional involvement, but its better than watching Minnesota v. St. Louis or something horrifying like that.

I pick Western Conference teams to love for obvious reasons. If they're in the West, more than likely the outcome of their game will not affect the Sabres and therefore I need not be concerned about who they beat. Also, the likelihood that I'd have any kind of preconceived notion about this team was unlikely.

Enter the Vancouver Canucks. Our fellow members of the class of 1970. I picked them first because we traded Steve Bernier there ON MY BIRTHDAY NO LESS this past summer. Then, the more I watched the team, the more I actually grew quite fond of them all. Ryan Kesler, Shane O'Brien, Kevin Bieksa, Alex Burrows, just to name a few. Oh yeah and that bald Swedish dude from Toronto.

Then, as the days of free agency went on, I noticed a trade between Edmonton and LA that featured Mr. Rachel Hunter (aka Jarret Stoll). Jarret Stoll sounds a lot like "Jared Staal" and I got confused. But look! Also packaged with Mr. Stoll was Matt Greene, recently discovered "funny guy" from Team USA. Adam Burish made me love him, I had no choice. Blame him.

The Kings had also recently drafted Drew Doughty who, it seems, basically goes everywhere Matt Greene goes. Like, honestly. Every other photo gallery on features the two of them together.

They have hilarious videos and the team in general seems to be a pretty fun group, with the exception of Denis "Thigh Neck" Gauthier. But, every team has their pain in the behind, so we accept him, but don't love him.

I love a good bromance

So why am I telling you all things you would know already if you've read this blog before?

Because tonight both of my Western Conference teams are playing each other and I can actually watch it.

The Sabres have already hosted both Vancouver and Los Angeles and both times the Sabres scored five goals and won. Although Big Bear scored against Ryan Miller and I was conflicted about that as well.

This, of course, is not the first time the Canucks have played the Kings this season, but its only the second. The first time was all the way back in October and I don't think I was able to watch it. Also, I hadn't really developed my unusual love of the Kings as a team by then.

The Canucks won that game 4-0. Yay! Boo! Weee! Nooo!

The other night it was decided that the ideal outcome of this game was an overtime win for the Kings. The Kings need the points more, but I want Vancouver to walk away with at least a point.

Since tomorrow I don't have class until almost 2:00, I can stay up and watch and hopefully not get too emotionally conflicted.



  1. Those games are tough, I went through the same thing with the two Sharks-Flyers games at the beginning of the year. Although watching those will make you realize what team you subconsciously like more. Good luck, though

  2. Hm, I should watch this game...of course, I will probably root for the Canucks the whole night because I have no emotional attachment to the Kings, but it should be a good game!

  3. RAWR. Go Canucks! You should definitely try to watch Kes' After Hours again if you can. All sorts of hilariousness occurred! I love my team.


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