Monday, April 13, 2009

The Regular Season is Over but There's Lots of Hockey to be Played

by Anne

In the battle of the Russians, its basically a tie. Alexander Ovechkin wins the Rocket Richard for most goals scored during the season with 56 for the second straight year and Evgeni Malkin takes home the Art Ross with the most points on the season with 113 (35+78). Ovechkin had 110 with 54 assists. Congratulations to both, I really hope your teams face each other in the playoffs.
Also, Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez will share the William Jennings Trophy for fewest goals allowed... although Manny did the duo no favors Saturday in Buffalo, giving up six goals.

And once again, the playoffs begin again without the Buffalo Sabres. Here are the match-ups and my predictions:

#1 Boston Bruins
#8 Montreal Canadiens
Prediction: Boston in 6

#2 Washington Capitals
#7 New York Rangers
Prediction: Washington in 6

#3 New Jersey Devils
#6 Butter Snaps
Prediction: New Jersey in 7

#5 Philadelphia Flyers
#4 Pittsburgh Penguins (really? they made it to #4? Wow.)
Prediction: Hmmmmm Philly, no Pittsburgh...yes Pittsburgh in 6

Western Conference

#1 San Jose Sharks
#8 Anaheim Ducks
Prediction: San Jose in 6

#2 Detroit Red Wings
#7 Columbus Blue Jackets
Prediction: Detroit in 7

#3 Vancouver Canucks
#6 St. Louis Blues
Prediction: Vancouver in 6

#4 Chicago Blackhawks
#5 Calgary Flames
Prediction: Chicago in 5

I'm ALWAYS wrong about these things and I just realized I didn't predict any upsets... there aren't always upsets but the ones I could see upsetting are the Butter Snaps over the Devils, and Rangers over Caps. We'll see how I do in the first round. I'm thinking "not well."

What are your predictions?

If I can't have Sabres in the playoffs, I can at least have Sabres in the IIHF World Championships.

Lindy has officially been selected as Team Canada's head coach for the 2009 World Championships in Switzerland! Hooray! Dave Tippett of the Dallas Stars and Barry Trotz of the Nashville Predators will back Lindy as assistant coaches. Hooray! Congrats Lindy!

Also, congrats to the Women's USA hockey team for defeating Canada and taking home their second straight gold medal! Wooo!

Now that the regular season is officially dunzo, I'm sure we'll hear players names trickle down as they clean out their lockers around the league. :(
ETA: Staffy announced on The Drew Stafford show on 97 Rock this morning that he'll be playing for Team USA in Switzerland! Yay!!

Also the draft lottery is tomorrow! Hooray! Playoffs start Wednesday!! Calder Cup Playoffs start this week as well for our Pirates! Hooray!


  1. I just lol'ed at this sentence...

    there aren't always upsets but the ones I could see upsetting are the Butter Snaps over the Devils, and Rangers over Caps.

  2. @MK

    I love that even when I try to sound legit (lol) I still can't escape using ridiculous nicknames.

  3. Wow, there is a lot going on this week...except not for today! Boo.

    I love the Penguins but I have no idea how they made it all the way up to 4th. Crazy hockey.

  4. Buttersnaps? I've heard Candy Canes but that's new one.

    As to the Devils in 7, what? How'd you get that? Yeah, the Canes lost a meaningless game (hey let Philly and Pittsburgh beat themselves senseless) using a back-up goalie vs Martin.

    The Devils got a gift, two in fact, of weird goals vs they shot straight out in front of the net vs Leighton.

    Yeah, the Canes still loss and that's a shame, but Martin B is not a mystery to the Canes.

    My Predictions:

    Bruins vs Habs: Habs in 6. Some curses live on

    Caps vs Rangers: Washington in 6 but watch for Avery to drive Alex the great to drinking heavily, before, during and after the games.

    Devils vs Carolina: Canes in 6. It's not going to be easy for the Canes to win, but it's easier for them to win than it will be for the Devils.

    Pens vs Philly: 7 Games, triple OT, last player "standing". Who cares otherwise?

  5. Definitely think Manny Fernandez should only get about 13% of that award. He was the goalie at every game I went to this season. We won each game but blargh. He is frustrating to watch.

    I think the Bruins can reverse the curse and at least beat Montreal in the first round. Fun Fact: the Bruins are the only major Boston sports team that doesn't have a championship this decade.

    Hahaha I didn't even notice that you used Butter Snaps until I read the comments.

  6. @FrankH

    yeah it was definitely close in my opinion I went back and forth. I also said it was the series I could most see being an upset. I still stick with Devils in 7. If I'm wrong though, I won't have any emotions about it so whatevs. I also hate the Butter Snaps so anytime I can predict their downfall, I do.

  7. @Anne

    I understand. The (semi) resident Slug fan here also hates my Canes. Don't know why.

    He keps mumbling something about "AHL call ups, 2006, Cam sucks", and other not nice things.

    Still "Butter Snaps"? It is true, "To each his (in your case her) own".

    Actually, I've found most Sabres fans to be great and not a problem.

    Now ask me about some Philly fans.....

  8. @FrankH

    There are still people who foam at the mouth when you mention the 2006 ECF in Buffalo. :/

    Most Sabres fans are pretty normal, although you always get your drunk jerks that ruin it for us all.

    Philly fans are, well....

    Oh I and I call them the Butter Snaps because a month or so ago my sister and I were watching a Sabres game and she made me eat a butter snap pretzel because she didn't believe that I thought they were gross. They're SO gross. We were losing to the Canes at the time so in frustration I declared them to be the Butter Snaps. It is a nickname that is entirely mine. No one else uses it unless they might read this blog. haha


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