Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Stuff

by Anne

  • Not having cable at my own home has really cut into my commitment to the playoffs. I actually fell asleep before the third period of the Canucks game on Friday night. Shame. Shame on me.
  • Its hard to commit to yet another season of no Sabres in the playoffs. Everytime I watch a game I think about how much we need that atmosphere and how much we miss it.
  • The Pirates lost game 2 to the Bruins by a score of 2-1, tying the best o' seven series at one apiece. Although Bhonas Jhonas set a new Pirates franchise record shut out streak in the playoffs at 82:01.The previous record, held by Ron Tugnutt was 77:53. Congrats MVP! The series moves back to Portland today at 4:00 p.m. Wooo!!
  • The Stanley Cup playoff series are going well for me... except for the Rangers/Caps series, that one is NOT ok. Also, Detroit is just beating the snot out of Columbus. I expected Columbus to win at least ONE game. Maybe they'll take one at home. The Blue Jackets fans need that much. They need to see their team win at least ONE playoff game or they really won't be much better off than they were when they never made the playoffs. Come on, Nasher!!
  • The Sabres signed T.J. Brennan and Drew Scheistel the other day, both to three year entry-level deals. Welcome Aboard posts forthcoming.
  • I just started working at Macy's and I trained all day yesterday with a woman who had no teeth in the top of her mouth. There are MANY things about a person's appearance I can disregard and ignore but a lack of chompers is not one of them. We all know how much I love Matt Greene, but I saw a video of him the other day in which he was missing about 5 or 6 teeth in the top of his mouth and I was totally grossed out. I didn't think it was possible.
  • The Team USA roster is BALONEY. Ok, not completely. It boasts Jack Johnson (LAK), Dustin Brown (LAK), Patrick O'Sullivan (EDM, formerly LAK), Robert Esche (Somewhere in Russia), Nick Foligno (OTT) and Staffy. However it DOES NOT boast Matt Greene, Paul Gaustad, Peter Mueller, or any of the other still eligible gents. Although, the roster got a SERIOUS boost when Jonathan Quick was indicated as probably joining the team after his groin heals up. THEN J-M Liles was added. Let's take a moment and reflect on why J-M is so popular with this blog.

1. He's Ryan Miller's BFF
2. He's an excellent defenseman who plays a lot of minutes and can really move the puck
Reasons 3. through 56986987. He's pretty...

Let's Do It For Our Country

  • I have more training today. Hoo. Ray. Happy Sunday everyone.
  • Also, Brett Bucktooth, my favorite Bandit whom I mentioned once a few months ago scored a goal last night and I discovered he wears #26. 26 happens to be my lucky number. Its like it was written in the stars for Brett Bucktooth to be my default favorite Bandit. Oh and that one I thought was cute, Kim, help a sister out here. Scott or Sean Greensomething. Yes, my dedication to him his made obvious by my inability to accurately recall his name.
  • Wait, GREENsomething. Perhaps I just have a fixation on players with players who have a color as part of their last name. Although, as of yet I have not fallen for Wade REDden or Andrew BRUNette
  • If you have a spleen that you are fond of, do not play in the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is the second year in a row that a player has had to have their ruptured spleen removed. Last year it was Avery and just yesterday, the Bruins' Matt Hunwick had to have his spleen removed. In 2007 my dog had his spleen removed but he wasn't playing in the playoffs that year so I'm not sure how its relevant other than I just realized that my cocker spaniel and Sean Avery have something in common.


  1. On Friday, the Boston Globe ran the ironically titled article "Hunwick is facing up to increased pressure" about how Matt Hunwick is sooo excited to play in the the playoffs. Good job, Globe.

  2. For a minute I thought JML was Markus Naslund as I scanned quickly down the post.
    *shakes head*


  4. Perhaps I just have a fixation on players with players who have a color as part of their last name.Maybe it's just the color green???

  5. Sean Greenhalgh is the player you're crushing on, apparently you like guys who have colors in their last names, nothing wrong with that, just sayin...


Glossary... Sort of

  • "Ryan Miller" Shutout - A 58 minute multi-goal shutout lead that is blown by Miller allowing one meaningless goal
  • Britney or SabreBritney - Thomas Vanek
  • Butter Snaps - Carolina Hurricanes
  • Craigory - Craig Rivet
  • Full Monty - Steve Montador
  • Greener - MATT Greene (LAK)
  • JBG - Jolly Blonde Giant - Tyler Myers
  • Little Foot - Drew Stafford
  • MK - Anne's sister; often leaves nonsensical comments under her Twitter name Mmmkizzle
  • Noodles - Derek Whitmore
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  • Telly Monster - Mikael Tellqvist

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