Monday, June 8, 2009

Why, Hello There.

by Anne

  • There's really not much to report these days really. I suppose I should welcome Paul Byron as I am wont to do to new recruits but, meh, I'll get around to it sooner or later.
  • I don't want to talk about Saturday night's game as it was indescribably uncomfortable.
  • However, I would love to discuss at great length the delicious Greek delicacies S(h)ara and I along with our friend Allison enjoyed at the Greek Heritage Festival in downtown Buffalo. Greek food is my favorite so I was pretty much enjoying the hell out of my evening...until the hockey game started. If I had been a Red Wings fan, it would've been one of the best nights of my life. Ok, maybe that's going a little far, but had I been a Red Wings fan, it would've been sweet.
  • I'm still wearing my Jordan Staal shirt. Well, I've changed since Thursday, but I've been sleeping in it, hoping it'll bring him luck. So far, not so much.
  • I found a new style of jeans that I love and any girl reading this knows how much buying and trying on jeans sucks so to have a good jeans experience is quite rare. As rare as a Penguins goal on Saturday night.
  • I like that one of the top stories on is GP's 500th goal because my Mom loves mentioning that she was at the game when he scored it. And why wasn't I invited, Mother? I was a grand total of 8 months and fifteen days old! I would've TOTES appreciated the significance. Whatevs, I was probably at home with a sitter or my aunt, drooling on myself and eating Cheerios.
  • My cousins and Aunt came to visit me at work today. Jimmy took my break with me. He had an animated argument with my Sabres keychains about how mad he was at the Sabres. He called them a disgrace. It was quite hilarious. He's a goofball. He was also wearing the Miller shirt I gave him for Christmas. He also thinks its funny that he's the shortest kid in his class.

This flipped picture totally messed with my brain today.
The Buffalo is charging the wrong way and the C is backwards and on his right shoulder.
What are they, the Red Wings?

  • Is it the draft yet?

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  1. What are they, the Red Wings?

    I noticed that too! I was watching one of the Finals games, and I was like, "Whoa, Nick Lidstrom has a lot of patches on that one shoulder... Hey, wait a second!"


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