Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Agency LiveBlogish

by Anne

So on Trade Deadline Day, I kept a blog post going that I continually updated.

So far, all that's happened today is I decided to eat Special K for breakfast. The make-up of the entire NorthEast division is shaken.

Well, Gomez and Higgins swapped places yesterday along with some AHL type players and Bouwmeester signed in Calgary for five years. There was a deal in place to send Heatley to Edmonton, yet for some reason he said 'No' and will not waive his no-trade clause for it. What a douche.

10:15 am: opted for Cheerios instead of Special K. Story developing...

10:48: Drinking coffee out of my Mom's "I love My Cocker Spaniel" travel mug. In case I need to go somewhere and take my coffee with me...

10:55: Discovered I am drinking out of the wrong whole in the top of the travel mug. Situation has been remedied. No wonder it was taking so long to drink.

11:25: Danrick and Heniel Sedin sign identical 5 year contracts worth $6.1 million per year. Yay!!

It's nooooooon! Wooooooo!!!!

12:01: What do you MEAN, nothing's happened yet?!

12:10: Oh no, I have to pee. I can't tear myself away. Too much coffee.

12:15: Mattias Ohlund signs with Tampa Bay. Alix will be devastated. I'm sad :(

12:35: The first caller question they take on NHL Live is about the Sabres. Like most people EJ thinks they won't do much today. He mentioned Sissy testing the market and my heart broke a little :(

12:48: Radek Dvorak re-signs in Florida. My world is completely turned on its head.

1:00: Kovalev staying in Montreal? Komisarek heading home to the Islanders? All rumors kicking around Twitter.

1:14: Colton Orr signed by Maple Leafs 4 years/4 million. $1 million/year Word?

1:17: The less cool defenseman in the NHL named Greene (Andy) re-signs with the Devils. Good.

1:23: Caller on NHL Live mentions that the Islanders are struggling to meet the cap FLOOR. And they've got Tavares hype, Chelios has said he'd play there, Komisarek could get a big salary from them. Things look good for the Islanders these days. Clearly they didn't get this way by over spending.

1:36 Kovalev officially re-signs with Montreal. Two years for about $8.8 million.

1:41: David Booth signs 6 year contract extension with the Panthers.

1:45: Maybe Kovalev didn't sign? Lots of conflicting reports. Pierre Lebrun told EJ Hradek that Kovalev's agent said no deal has been reached.

1:52: Craig Anderson going to Colorado. Really securing those top goalies, aren't we, Avs?
I think I'm the only one who doesn't think this is an answer. Darren Pang agrees, thank goodness.

2:06:Hossa officially a Blackhawk. Ugh. Its a lot of years. Matt Walker signs with Tampa from Chicago for 4 years.

2:11: Hossa signs for TWELVE YEARS but only $5.2 million a year. Ty Conklin signs with St. Louis for two years.

2:24: Dwayne Roloson signs with the Islanders. Excellent signing in my opinion. If the Islanders sign Komisarek and Tavares can play the way people hope he can, things are looking better for the Islanders next season.

2:31: Are you all sitting down? No, really, you'll want to sit down for this. THE BUFFALO SABRES MIGHT HAVE ACTUALLY SIGNED SOMEONE I'VE HEARD OF TODAY. I know! I don't believe it either. Steve Montador is apparently a Sabre. I'm not sure about this. It's not confirmed.

2:32: Sabres texts were on the ball. Its official. Two years of the Full Monty in Buffalo.

2:42: Apparently MJ says the Full Monty has off-ice antics like Timmy. Yessss!!! As long as he's not as injury prone, I'm ok with it.

2:51: Donald Brashear goes to New York. Fills in the hole left by Colton "I ain't Bobby" Orr.

2:54: Knuble signs with the Capitals. Also, I missed that Thomas Kopecky signed with Chicago.

3:08: Scott Niedermayer signs with Anaheim for 1 year $6million. I guess that means he won't retire in August.

3:15: Joel Ward stays in Nashville, Aaron Rome signs with Vancouver and Lucas Krajicek stays with Tamps. Ho-kay.

3:24: Quote from Sabres Edge, from Montador's agent makes me feel fine about his signing. I wasn't against it, but I'm really really appreciating the commitment Darcy has made to signing physically tough, no-quit players:

"He’s a solid, character individual who comes to play every night," Montador’s agent, Steve Kasper, said by phone. "He was looking to go to a place that has the same type of reputation as a team, competes hard, and Buffalo is a hockey city. He couldn’t be happier."
3:30: Brian Boucher is signed to back-up Ray Emery in Philly. He was in net for this goal, btw:


3:51: My beloved Sissy has apparently signed with Montreal for 3 years. I'm devastated. OUR OWN DIVISON, TOO?!?!?

3:55: MONTREAL? REALLY? COME ON! There's no WAY they'll appreciate his caveman-like appearance and startlingly blunt interview style up there! Whyyyyy?!?!?!

4:00: Khabibuln to Emdonton. SISSY USED TO PLAY FOR EDMONTON!!

4:02: Ok, well I have to get ready for work, so this "Live Blog" will end on an extremely sour note. :( Habs fans, take care of Sissy.


  1. There was a deal in place to send Heatley to Edmonton, yet for some reason he said 'No' and will not waive his no-trade clause for it.

    I don't think I could hate the man anymore and he does something like this. Douchenizzle.

  2. Douchenizzle.

    That is a fantastic word.

  3. I save that for a special kind of douches. Heatley is one of them.




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