Friday, September 25, 2009

Wanna Hear about my Wednesday?

by Anne

Wednesday was the Sabres final home game of the pre-season. Cheap tickets, Toronto game, decent weather? Should spell a decent house, right?

Oh how very very wrong you would be if you thought that.

I work up the 300 level. I'm estimating there were maybe 300 people in the ENTIRE 300 level; the upperbowl holds about 6,000 people (I'm totally estimating on that number). Every single vendor was called into work.

The grand total of attendance was officially 11,008. That doesn't even fill the 100s and 200s. Everyone could've fit in the 100 level.

It was a huge waste of time. Our supervisor, who did not make the schedule, came by at the beginning of the second period and told us we could go home. I sold a grand total of: 1 popcorn, 2 cotton candy, 6 pop, 1 peanut and 1 twizzler in about 2 hours. Normally I sell that in the first 20 minutes when people are just starting to show up.

So when I was told to go home I said "Eff that." I changed into my regular clothes and found two empty seats in 117 next to Cari, Kim, Clare and Kelsey whom I just met and I'm not sure if she writes a blog. I enjoyed being a spectator for the 3rd period immensely as its the first time I've sat and watched a Sabres game in person since... March or April of 2008 I think.

Random observation: In the pre-game warm-ups Roy was wearing the C and Pommer was wearing an A. Once the game started, Gaustad was wearing the C, Roy was demoted to an A and Pommer and Yoyo also had As. Did Derek not give it his all in the warm-ups, Lindy? Maybe he spilled gatorade on it? I'm covinced that they're all on by velcro so Lindy can switch leadership as he sees fit.

Who do you think will ultimately wear the letters? Craigory with the C. A's I'm thinking will go to Grier, Gaustad, Pominville and Timmy or Royzie.

John Vogl wrote on the Sabres Edge that the current projected top three lines for the Sabres are:

MacArthur - Connolly - Pominville
Stafford - Roy - Vanek
Hecht - Gaustad - Grier
(I'm thinking those xxxs will be Paille- Mair/Ellis - Kaleta)
(Although is there room for Kennedy or Gerbe?)

I'm feeling our third line. I like that combination a lot. It's lines 1 and 2 that give me pause.

I always have trouble when fans decide they know more than a headcoach when it comes to forming lines, but as we live in a free country, I'm taking leave to speculate.

I wonder about a top line of Vanek - Connolly - Pommer and a second line of Stafford - Roy - MacArthur. Maybe toss Gerbe in as a winger with one of those line combinations down the line... not on October 3rd, I don't think he's ready. I'm not of course guaranteeing that I have any idea what I'm talking about, but it's my blog and I'll speculate if I want to.

The Sabres are ramping up their number of blogs this season. Adam Mair is starting one "Mair's Office." Hey, the sign's there most games. Sabres PR guy Kevin Snow is starting up a fantasy hockey blog he's calling "Livin' the Dream." Of course KSlyv still has his blog, Erin Pollina (who has great fashion sense but really wears completely ridiculous shoes to games, at least she did to the Washington game, she looked like she couldn't walk. But she looked great so who cares? Do I have a girl crush on Erin Pollina? No, I think I'm just glad we've seen less Maria Genero this pre-season) is still writing Beyond the Boards. No sign of Pommer's blog yet but hopefully we will be blessed this season by his choppy sentences and over-simplification of the English language.

We're fast approaching the start of the regular season!! Woooo!

This post needs a picture, let's find one, shall we?

So he's not a Sabre
However, I believe we can all support Shane O'Brien encouraging literacy
Although, maybe not his supporting of the Detroit Tigers
BUT. He SCORED the tying goal in the last minute of regulation on Thursday.
SO'B scored only one goal in the playoffs, none in the regular season and now one in pre-season
Someday he'll have a regular season goal for Vancouver


  1. I think I'm just glad we've seen less Maria Genero this pre-season

  2. The Canucks do that newspaper thing every year right? Because I remember seeing pictures of Ryan Kesler doing it. That's so awesome. (:

    Oh, and I couldn't believe how many people weren't in the 300s' on Wednesday!

  3. I'd like to think I had a hand in getting you closed. I told Bill about the...travesty that was the 300 level, and moments later half the floor was closed.

    The attendance was 9,346 (actually number of people who walked in. We get the real numbers).

    And Vanek did not mesh AT ALL with Connolly and Pommer. I hate to disagree, but I love all three lines. I just think the Vanek-Roy-Staff line should be the number 1 line is all. (Unabashed love for all things Stafford).


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