Sunday, February 3, 2008

From a distance, the world (playoff picture) looks blue and green (not navy and gold)

by Anne

The good news is, my pep talk to Righty and Lefty seems to have worked and Millsey isn't seriously injured and will most likely play against Boston. Good.

Perhaps its that its Super Bowl Sunday and once again, same as it has been for many years, the Bills are not in it, nor have they been in the playoffs for the past 7 YEARS.

Born in 1985, my most formative years as a sports fan were the early 1990s when the Bills were tearin' it up and the Sabres were being torn new you-know-whats. Baseball was the sport my dad was raised on, and football my mom. Being that Buffalo has no major league baseball team, I became a football child. I usually listened to hockey games with my mom, but having never actually attended a hockey game, I really had no idea what was going on. I just really liked it when Rick yelled "La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-fontaine!" and for years, in my mind, Pat Lafontaine was the greatest hockey player ever. Wayne who? My mom used to tell me about how she was at the Aud when Perreault scored his 500th goal and how the Sabres had never won a Stanley Cup.

So, this morning I find myself once again prepping to watch yet another SuperBowl in which I'm forced to choose a team that I want to win, rather than having it just be a given. This year I choose the Giants but not because I hate Tom Brady and not because I'm rooting for the underdog, but because I just think they're all cheating jerkfaces and I don't want them to win. This is the same reason why Anaheim is my favorite Western Conference team. They beat Ottawa. There's really no other reason. Ok, there's Ryan Getzlaf, and they team itself is pretty entertaining in interviews, but really, they came this close to being my new least favorite Western Conference team. If the Sabres had beaten the Sens and then lost to the Ducks, I'd hate Anaheim as much as I hated Dallas for years and still hate Brett Hull.

This mood also has me feeling down about my beloved Sabres. We're currently 5 points out of a play off spot, but once again find ourselves a few games down in the GP column. I should be optimistic, I should be. I just really hope that the Habs win this afternoon, I still think they're the Eastern team to go all the way, or at least to the ECF.

I think that knowing who our fearless leader shall be would go a long way to cheering me up, Lind-o. Eh? Eh?

Might I throw in my 2, 3 or 4 cents?

That jersey is aching for a letter, Lind-o

This boy made no bones about his determination to stay in Buffalo and we're better for it, that left shoulder is looking a little empty, Eh Lindy? I've switched from thinking he's terrifying to thinking he's one of those big brutish teddy bears.

Now, you already have the jerseys, why make them useless?


And maybe someday?:

Total. Badass.


I feel better now. GO SABRES!!! YOU CAN DOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIT!! Wooooooooooop!

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