Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's Move on... just a little

by Anne

I don't want people to stop talking about Richard Zednik or anything or pretend it wasn't a big deal, I just need to move on a little bit because I've been in a weird funk since last night, replaying the whole thing in my head over and over. So I'll move on to talk about Team #2.

When Marc-Andre Fleury was injured in December, Dany Sabourin and Ty Conklin were called on to step up to the plate. We in Buffalo might kind of remember Conkers as our back-up goaltender from last season after we shipped Marty off to Philly. Conkers didn't see much ice time as a Sabre and for that we were greatful as, when he played, he wasn't very good. Apparently, pressure suits Conkers just fine. He's been 14-3-3 since being called up from Wilkes-Barre to play for the Pengiuins. Wowza. He's having a fantastic season.

Then, Our Lord and Savior, Sidney Crosby was hurt by doing something he always does: sliding skates first into the boards. Am I the only one who saw him do that a few times and said: "That's an ankle injury waiting to happen." Then blam-o, what's that, Sid? A high ankle sprain? Dizamn, boy, that stinks. 6-8 weeks? Ouch. What ever will the Penguins do? It's not like they have the 2nd pick overall of the 2004 NHL entry draft to lead them triumphantly through Sidney's absence! Wouldn't a Calder Trophy winner be great to have in this situation? Even if they did, what's he going to do? Earn enough points to tie him for 2nd in the NHL, just three behind Alexander Ovechkin?!

Oh, wait. They do? Sweet!

Take a bow, you goal-scoring, non-English speaking bastard!

Ok, or you could do that too, Geno

There he is. Woooo! Malkin!
Ok, now that I'm warmed up, I'll give out 2 shoutout BAMF awards.

One goes to Mr. "I really want Anne to love me so I'll score my first NHL goal right in front of her": Patrick Kaleta. Ok, so, Patty, everyone, including the cameraman, thought Mair scored that goal at first, but once we saw the spotlights and the celebration we knew. Woooo! Kaleta!

For being consistent on your hits and scoring the Sabres' first goal to put us on the board, I honor you with this:

Yes, Patty, that goal, along with my currently weakened emotional state, and the fact that you're from Buffalo, and you're cute, and you seem so nice in spite of your penchant for crashing into people at high rates of speed, and you're consistent in what you do, all combines to allow you, a...(prospect)...into my SabreLovingHeart. I can't help it! Staffy is hurt! Grizz is inconsistent! I'm weak! But, Patty, you're on a 2-way "Anne's Love" contract. You can still be reassigned to sit in the back of my SabreLovingHeart with the rest of the team. Enjoy your time up front. As newest member, its your job to get Staffy his lemonade. Hey! He hurt his ankle! Pie-YAY will be glad for the relief. But don't piss off Lafontaine, he's been there longest and is very skeptical of new players that come up to sit with him. He's seen a lot of Sabres come and go over the years. And don't even think about sitting in Jay McKee's seat, I'm saving it for him.

Our second shoutout goes to the Buffalo Sabres Medical Staff. Woooo!

For the 2nd time in Sabres' history, the medical staff was called upon to treat a player with a severed artery, and did so successfully. Also, for the second time in only 6 months, a Buffalo pro-sports team's medical staff was called upon to react quickly to treat a life threatening injury, and came through with flying colors. So for Richard Zednik, Clint Malarchuk, and Kevin Everett, we thank you, Medical Staffs of Western New York. Enjoy:

Congratulations to Millsey on your 100th win!! Well done! I wish it could've been more of a big deal for you! We'll tear it up for 101!


  1. But don't piss off Lafontaine, he's been there longest and is very skeptical of new players that come up to sit with him. He's seen a lot of Sabres come and go over the years. And don't even think about sitting in Jay McKee's seat, I'm saving it for him.


  2. I just read somewhere this morning what Malkin's numbers have been over the last 15 or games and they are absolutely SICK. I had no idea. Go, Geno, go!

  3. Heather - I know! Its totally ridiculous. Especially when you think about the fact that this guy is so good AND this team also has Sidney Crosby, why aren't they #1 yet? Oh. Defense? Gonchar can't play the whole game? Oh well.


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