Sunday, February 10, 2008

That was...

by Anne

I'm glad we won, we needed those 2 points badly

I'm glad Kaleta notched his first NHL goal and Petey got a point that it happened in Buffalo and I was there to see it

I'm glad that Britney, Pommerdoodle and Roysie scored

I'm glad that the PP was 3/4

I'm glad the Sabres won the first game Jimmy attended

Okay, so that being said:

I don't think I need to describe in detail what we all know happened. Watching these things on TV is extremely different from seeing them in person. There's no one talking you through it, no replay to see exactly what happened, nothing, just some initial chaos and silence. And, it happened right in front of me and Jimmy. All of us in the crowd knew what happened, that amount of blood could only come from an injured artery, but exactly how it happened was a mystery to us all. All I could think of was "Please don't let Jimmy freak out." I flipped into maternal "OMG keep the kid calm" mode which is helpful because I tend to freak out less when there's someone there I need to concentrate on keeping calm.

A man behind us a few rows fainted, really freaking out his son, but he must've been okay when he came to because they didn't take him out of the arena.

They sure took their SWEET ASS time cleaning up the ice. The trail of blood was there for what felt like years. Gross.

Ryan Miller looked visibly shaken by what happened right next to him. He crouched over a lot more often than normal when play resumed. Right after it happened and Zednik was off the ice he skated over to the top of the opposite face off circle and just took a knee, Pominville came over and did the same next to him, if not to pray then just to pause and stop their hearts from racing.

When it was announced that Richard Zednik was stable and being taken to the hospital everyone in the arena gave him a standing ovation. It was a good feeling to know that all the Buffalo fans could put aside our competitive edge and show our support for an injured player. It felt weird to resume the game, but after a shift or two it felt like nothing had happened. All I can say is, if it had been a Sabre that was injured, I don't even know what would've happened, I know I probably would've been crying, I can't lie.

Interesting post injury game notes:

There was no Carubba Collision of the Game

There was no "Shipping Off to Boston" when they went on the PP

There was this ASSHOLE behind us SCREAMING the entire game the most rude ridiculous things at the players. The women in front of us kept yelling at him to shut up when he was being exceptionally annoying. He stopped screaming when Zednik was hurt. Good to see that even that douchebag could figure out that it would be wildly inappropriate to continue his ridiculous screamings when play resumed.

Tomorrow, when the game is less fresh, I'll pass out the BAMF awards.

GO SABRES!! Welcome back Timmy!

Everyone say a prayer to whomever it is you pray for Richard Zednik and to the safety of all professional athletes.


  1. So did the little guy get through it okay? I can see how it would've helped to have someone else to focus on. I was freaking out just watching it on TV.

  2. He was ok, I don't think he fully realized how serious it was. I was doing my best to say that it was going to be ok. When the Sabres' doctor was being helped across the ice by a linesman and a Panther, I pointed that out to him, so he knew that he was getting help right away, but he was fine, thank goodness.


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