Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh Captain, My Captain

By S(h)ara

Ah, February. Such an exciting month. It plays host Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day and and Extra Day every four years. That's pretty bangin' for the shortest month of the year.

Today we find out who the Captain for February will be. Who is going to lead us through this next month which will (God willing) be full of wins. (Anne and I are coming to the game on the 17th, so try not to lose that one, ok boys?) I decided to share with you all (i.e. the two people who read this blog besides Anne and myself) my prediction for Captain February. Who better, I say, to lead us into victory during the shortest month of the year, than the shortest player for the Sabres, Mr. Derek Roy? No one.

See? Look how happy he when he scores a goal! So growly, but still adorkable.

My Derek is pretty hot right now. (In more ways than one. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.) He's currently rocking a +12 rating and has 40 points. Since he's been back, Roysie has had points in every game. Anne is the Queen of Hockey Stats, so I'm sure she can tell you exactly how many he has. All I know is he had a Hat Trick in the last game against Atlanta, and is a scoring machine. That's pretty BAMF, ladies and gentlemen. And while my love for Derek is still fresh and new, it grows exponentially with each game he plays. (I'm sorry Soupy, I can't love you anymore. Really, it's for the best. Especially since you're kind of being a toolshed right now.) Roy--which incidentally in French is spelled "Roi" and means "King"--may be young, but he's scrappy, tough and can style a perfect fauxhawk.

Someone brought his "A" Game to picture day. And that someone is King Derek.

And so, we the ladies of Sabretooth house salute you King Derek as our choice for Captain February. We feel that Yo-Yo and Sissy will be excellent A's to your C. And even if you only get an A this month, know that you have a huge cheering section somwhere up in the 300's that feel you were robbed.

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  1. I was so disappointed that we didn't get new letters tonight! What's up with that?! I'm sure breaking the routine is the cause of this loss!

    I like Goose for the C, but I definitely have little Derek down for an A. And I wouldn't be bent out of shape if he got the C. He's been awesome since coming back from his injury.


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