Tuesday, March 4, 2008

5-2 Sabres over Flyers

by Anne

That was the most awesome 3rd period in a long time. I accidentally turned off the cable when I plopped my leg down onto the remote, in the exact moment Roysie scored his goal. God bless replay. MK and I yelled at the team the whole period "DON'T FUCK THIS UP!" And, miraculously, they didn't! YAY! I'm so proud!

It was pretty sweet. Ok so perhaps my total and utter nausea and despair work in the Sabres' favor?

Maybe its the fact that Lindy ripped them new ones because they weren't playing well defensively. Maybe. Because tonight they were MUCH better in front of their own net. Much more frequently when I yelled "keep it in!" they actually did. Millsey was back in his usual form and had a great, solid game. Not crazy amazing, but good.

Welcome back to the ice hockey world, Max. 2 goals, 1 assist? Thank you very much. Pommerdoodle! 2 goals! Population jumps to 22! Yay! Pratt! You were pretty sweet tonight! Roysie! You're awesome!

Wow! They had good transitions out of the zone! They didn't have as many turnovers! Yay!

Bernier was pretty BA on fighting for that puck to get it up to Max for his first goal. Some wonderful play making by Big Bear. Totally awesome.

Sekera had a good showing. A solid first game in his 3rd call-up this season. Brian Koziol tells me Sekera lead the whole team with 31 shifts, 2nd most ice time and a +2. He needed to skate that much when it came right down to it, they all had to cover Tallinder's shifts, and, miraculously, they did. It was the best defensive game in a long time.

A moment of silence please for Heather B. and Henrik Tallinder's shoulder. I know how it feels to watch your fave limping gingerly off of the ice. Poor Tone, he's lost his life partner for the time being. It'll be ok, Tone.

Wow, we won basically the most important game of the season. That feels pretty good. As awful as I felt after that last game, I feel pretty good now, not as relatively good, but still pretty good.

I'm not glad that Danny Briere was hurt, but it did make the game a little less personal because they didn't continuously rub him in our faces. However, his shootout goal was well represented on Versus.

Caps tomorrow. They'll be flyin' high on that 10-2 win from last night, and they didn't play tonight, so it's going to be tough. Lindy has declared Henrik Tallinder won't play and neither will Timmy.

Congrats to Craig Anderson who has set, and is still working on, really, the NHL record for most shots without a goal allowed so far he's at 92, the last record was held by Hasek who had 75. Well done, Mr. Anderson, that's pretty darn impressive.


  1. I really enjoyed Pommerdoodle and his head shake after he scored. It was adorable beyond belief.

  2. A moment of silence please for Heather B. and Henrik Tallinder's shoulder.

    Thank you so much! I'm not gonna lie, I was totally freaking. Hopefully "shoulder" wasn't code for "concussion."

  3. Danielle, I know! Whenever he scores, he looks like he can't believe it actually went in, no matter how hard he worked to score it.

    Heather - I was thinking the same thing. In his post-game interview Lindy was like "It's his shoulder, and his neck...and uh, we don't really know anything right now." I was like: Ack! He's going higher! Stop before you get to the head! Don't say the C word! Then Timmy takes a puck to the face! But only ended up with a cut.Phew.

  4. ::Silence::

    I KNOOOWWWW!!! I was like... uhhh... NO! Get up, you! I was really hoping he didn't get a concussion. He did appear to be really woozy seeing pommers had to help him up and all. His face looked like Brian Campbell bowled him over. I didn't watch the comments after the game. Hopefully Tallinder will be ok.

    p.s. This is still danielle. I guess you could figure that out though.


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