Monday, March 17, 2008

There is no hockey to watch tonight, ACK!

by Anne

Here's a question: Does ANY team really HATE the Buffalo Sabres?

I mean, honestly, most teams that we hate don't feel that strongly about us. Apparently, Carolina hates us, according to a broadcast heard by Matt at Life is like a Bowl of Porkchops, but I don't really see why. They eliminated us in 2006.

I think there's some mutual dislike between the Senators and the Sabres post-lockout, but I believe their rivalry with the Leafs is more prevalent for their fans as they're in the same province. Honestly, every team in the League...ok well maybe not every team, but most teams that have been around for almost 40 years, have that 1 rivalry in which they mutually hate each other's guts. I'm thinking the closest one we have this season is the Flyers or the Rangers, but I'd say Flyers and Penguins, once again because they're in the same state and/or province, is a much more heated rivalry. I mean, yes, we're 1 of 3 teams in New York State, but the Islanders, Rangers and Devils are much closer geographically and I think most people forget we're not in Ontario too because HSBC Arena is within spitting distance of Canada. Not that I'd spit on Canada, I like Canada and Canadians, except for that one douche bag who I met on Allen St. a few months ago who called me fat because he thought I was insulting Canada, but I was talking about how the Canadian national anthem is easier to sing than the American.... translation: Clearly, I think Canada should be blown up. That's what he heard anyway. Oh, and except for those morons who go to the outlet mall in Niagara Falls, buy tons of stuff and then leave all their empty packages and discarded tags and wrappings in the parking lot. I don't like those Canadians, but they don't represent you all. Besides, 1/2 our team is Canadian... and Canada has universal health care... and hockey comes from Canada.

I just Googled "I hate the Buffalo Sabres". The closest thing I got to actual hate for the team is 1 Leafs fan was mad about Saturday's game. And someone who posted that they didn't like the Sabres on a Newsies' discussion board in June of 2006. Without the quotation marks, you get 1 Senators fan who doesn't like Sabres fans, but doesn't hate the team. Wow, we're like the Switzerland of the NHL. No one really cares about us. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I mean, people SHOULD be indifferent about teams like the Nashville Predators or the Columbus Blue Jackets or the Florida Panthers but I thought Buffalo would draw a little more attention being that we were the boss of (almost) everybody last year.

Ok, here we go: "I hate the Sabres" brings us Gus Katsaros who hated the team a year ago because we were so good, and he's a Leafs' fan. Ok, the next several are Heather B. and other frustrated Sabres fans. Yeah, apparently the odd Leafs fan or Senators fan hates us, but that's about it. Who knew we were so palatable by the reast of the League?

I'll close this post with another picture show, because I really like them.

Anne's NHL Divisional Boyfriends
2007-2008 Edition


Western Conference

Pacific Division

Ryan Getzlaf

I'm sorry, but after finding this photo:

J.S. Giguere is my new Pacific Division boyfriend....I hope his wife is ok with that...

Central Division

Jay McKee (um, duh?)

Northwest Division

Jarome Iginla

There's really no reason for this, I just like the guy. I don't really follow the Flames, but he's the kind of team captain I like: scores goals, gives entertaining interviews, has a great smile and drops the gloves as needed.

Eastern Conference

South East

Ilya Kovalchuk

HA! No, seriously read back to the last post, its Vinny.

Atlantic Dvision

This was a TOUGH call. I cannot lie.

After MUCH debate and deliberation, I hand the Atlantic Division of my heart to:

Pretty Ricky.

North East Division

At first, I thought I'd never be able to choose just one North East Division boyfriend. I mean, do I choose a Sabre, just because it seems right? But how could I choose? Do I give the nod to Chris "Slumpy" Higgins, just because I think he's hot? That's more or less why I gave the nod to Rick DiPietro. That Marc Savard is kind of adorable... Patrick Eaves is now in the South East... It seemed an insurmountable task But, wait! How could I forget? What single man (no, its not Sabretooth) has been there through it all? Hahahahaha, foolish, foolish girl:

Lindy Ruff

Lastly, according to Google Analytics, someone found our blog by searching for:


Well, welcome aboard, 1 random person on March 10th.


  1. I love that the Sabres are more hated by Sabres fans than other fanbases. We're all crazy, yo.

    And Jay? Yay! Duh, indeed!

    I have an amazing picture of Giguere with his baby on the ice after the Ducks won the Cup last year. I'll have to see if I can find it.

  2. People hate Buffalo fans. Apparently we are "classless." I say boo to that. I think that sucks because we're not all "angry" drunks.


    Any picture of him is my favorite. However, if we lose against him... I may have to decrease my likeness for him for at least one whole day.

    For some odd random reason, I have always liked Joe Thorton? I think it started with the fact I heard he walks around the dressing room naked to make his teammates feel uncomfortable. Soupy... ha.

  3. It's funny to me that people call us classless. I really enjoy it because I genuinely don't think its true. I think we're just over zealous sometimes and painfully loyal. What I enjoy, is that some fan bases actually boo their own teams (Philly, Toronto). Can you imagine that ever happening in Buffalo? No way.

    S(h)ara loves Joe Thornton, I hope she reads that comment, hahaha.

  4. no love for that ninny-conn-smyth-stealer- Giggly but other than that your picks were pretty decent. (I'm sure his baby is adorable though, and he's trying to win points, but I REMEMBER 2003, Buddy!)

    And I love Jarome.. he's SO SMILEY!

    Why is it that the Sabres don't seem to have any natural rivalries? I think my vote is on Philly or The Rangers.. I hate both almost equally (NYR have a slight edge) so yeah.. good call.

    And, for the record, the Blue Jackets and the Red Wings have an amazing rivalry going on. I know Columbus kinda sucks (and always has) but Wings/Jackets games are KILLER- probably cuz the Wings are mad that the Jackets got a team and took away all the fans who were Detroit fans because of proximity. In any case, I've been there for a game and it was a really fun time. The players seem to be into it and so are the fans. :) You can front on the team cuz they're terrible but Columbus has some fun and crazy fans out there. Shoot, I was in Cbus for the pre-season Sabres/Jackets game and I was wearing a Sabres hat- all these peeps were giving me a hard time (in a respectful, funny way) so that was cool. Of course it could have been the fact that my 14 friends and I were LOUDER than their whoel arena with our "Let's Go Buffalo" chanting, but I digress.

    Rivalries are super fun, why don't we have one!?

  5. I genuinely think we'll be building rivalries if we keep up this physical play. Especially against an equally as physical team in the Rangers. Look at how much ire Kaleta draws in games. Bernier loves to hit things, Mairsy drops the gloves and wins his share of fights, Goose can clearly curse a blue streak and hit, and he's great in front of the net. Pratters never backs down from defending Miller (and sometimes he's the only one). Spacek is like a freight train, I would get out of the way if I saw him coming at me. It's looking like the Barnaby/Rayzor/May days again in Buffalo. Those were good days.

  6. Don't forget, Kaleta makes people want to murder him, for sho'.

    *Toronto* is our biggest rival since... forever. But Soupy said they hate Ottawa :D

    Watch this of Barnaby. I'm glad he was on OUR team! What a freakin' rat. I love it.

    This one's good too.

  7. THORNY!!!! He's now my second favorite Shark. :)


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