Friday, April 11, 2008

2 down...lots more to go

by Anne

I stay up waaaaaayyyy too late watching hockey and eating buffalo wing pretzels.

Day 2 of the 2008 NHL playoffs has come and gone and here's how it shook down last night:

BOS v. MTL (MTL wins 4-1, leads series 1-0)
NSH v. DET (DET wins 4-1, leads series 1-0)
CGY v. SJS (SJS wins 2-0, series tied 1-1)
DAL v. ANA (DAL wins 4-0, leads series 1-0)

I watched most of the Habs v. Bruins, I didn't care too much. I "Woo!"ed after a Montreal goal, but my heart wasn't really in it.

I watched most of Calgary @ San Jose. That sucked. J-Rome wasn't even TRYING to maintain hold of my vulnerable post-season heart. On a related note, I think the boys at HNIC get a looney everytime they say Brian Campbell's name.

I'm more than a little mad at the Flames for taking like 6 penalties in a row, even though some of them were totally bogus. Fortunately, they killed all but the last 9 seconds and Kipprusoff played out of his mind. HINC also enjoyed cutting in and out on me last night, mostly during commercials. Thanks for that, CBC.

I loved the moment yesterday when I realized that I do, in fact, get CBC.

I'd write about how I enjoyed the Habs win... but did anyone expect for a second that they wouldn't win on home ice? Habs fans is CRAZY. They were Ole-ing in the first 5 minutes. The team did go up 2-0 in about 2 minutes though. Watching their pre-game intro made me sad because it reminded me a lot of the Sabres pre-playoff game intro because Sabres fans is crazy too. We're just 38 seasons of crazy, they're like 70 years of crazy, haha.

Anaheim, my former favorite Western Conference team lost BIG TIME to the Stars. I did NOT realize that the Lundqvist on the Stars was the twin brother of Henrik Lundqvist. Seeing him on the bench totally blew my mind.

Much like Crunchy and BabyCrunchy, the skater brother is much heftier than the goal tender brother. The Lundqvist twins' hair is also completely different, making their identical-ness less obvious. If I didn't hate his team so much, I'd love to watch Henrik defend the net against his brother.

There weren't any good pictures from last night, just the standard players in awkward almost sexual positions, someone getting squished by Chara, a few "the puck is behind the net, let's watch players look at it" goal cam shots, players about to fall over, and the usual "Wooo! We scored a goal!!" Nothing remotely swoon worthy or chuckle inducing. There was one photo of a Wings' zamboni driver swinging around a gross Octopus, but that was just weird. Can anyone explain this phenomenon to me?

The highlight of my night was actually the crazy grocery shopping extravanganza Moms and I went on. She prefers Tops, while I've seen the light and know that Wegman's is vastly superior. Tops has self-scanners which are great if you bought like 1 thing but are TERRIBLE for a larger order. We had a larger order and I was ready to explode it was so annoying, and I was tired. A lethal combination. Then we went to Wegmans where they had TOP SHELF SUNDAE but no Breakaway Berrier. That 1/2 gallon was like a slap in the face. For those that don't know, Top Shelf Sundae is an ice cream flavor made last season to celebrate how awesome the Sabres were are were, and I was grossed out, lol. I quickly got over it after pledging a sit-in until I was personally brought a 1/2 gallon of Breakaway Berrier by Ryan Miller himself. I'll wait, I don't care if he's in Michigan or Nova Scotia or Anaheim or Beirut, I'll wait. I'll be in the frozen section of the Wegmans on Amherst St. I'll live-blog about the crazies that walk by.


  1. Wegmans is too snooty for me. and I can never find anything cuz I never shop there. LOL

    Good luck with your Breakaway Berrier search!

    and the octopus thing goes back tot he days of the Original 6, when it only took 8 wins to get a Stanley Cup. Some enterprising soul put together 8 wins and 8 legs on an octopus and viola! a tradition was born. (and miraculously, the octopus salesman didn't go out of business) Red Wings fans have thrown them on the ice for years now, in fact it got so bad that they league started instituting the delay of game penalty for any octopi thrown. (well, you can get in the first, but after that it's penalties.)

    I'm sure you could find more info on it somewhere online, but that's the basics.

  2. " I think the boys at HNIC get a looney everytime they say Brian Campbell's name."

    I totally agree, Anne! It was getting pretty nauseating, actually. Especially the whole "Brian Campbell and 'Big Joe' are best friends for life. Did you hear they used to play summer hockey together? (cut to video) Did we mention that they're totally BFFs?" It was getting pretty ridiculous.

    And I loved the Wegman's story! I, too, have been let down by the lack of Breakaway Berrier. I then began cursing Ryan Miller under my breath in the aisle, which I'm sure confused the heck out of the people around me.

  3. I also enjoy that they usually forget to mention that the last time Soupy and Big Joe played on a team together they were 8. It's not like this was even midget hockey, it was pee-wee summer hockey.


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