Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blame Canada!Whoops, I mean Team Canada!

by Anne

So the beginnings of Team Canada's roster have been announced:

Goalkeepers: Pascal Leclaire (Columbus Blue Jackets), Cam Ward (Carolina Hurricanes).

Defencemen: Jay Bouwmeester (Florida Panthers), Duncan Keith (Chicago Blackhawks), Steve Staios (Edmonton Oilers).

Forwards: Jason Chimera (Columbus Blue Jackets), Shane Doan (Phoenix Coyotes), Jamal Mayers (St. Louis Blues), Rick Nash (Columbus Blue Jackets), Derek Roy (Buffalo Sabres), Patrick Sharp (Chicago Blackhawks), Martin St. Louis (Tampa Bay Lightning), Eric Staal (Carolina Hurricanes), Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks), Ray Whitney (Carolina Hurricanes).

Wooo. It's amazing how many phenomenally talented players are not appearing in the playoffs.

Ok, can't lie, I have never heard of Jamal Mayers. But I'm gonna just go ahead and assume he's good cuz 1) he plays in the NHL and 2) Team Canada wants him. All the others I know by name.

I'm thinking they may want to deepen their defense ever so slightly... I'm sure those three are great, but they might not be able to carry the whole load. Haha, jk. The inital roster can have up to 23 players. This is only 15. They'll probably tack on 4 more defencemen, at least 3 forwards and maybe a 3rd goalie.

As Amy at SOTC pointed out, Pommer is playing for Team USA. My guess is his reasoning is he can't stand to play on a team without Goose. They're very close (wink). Lol jk, I'm sure its because he can probably get more ice time, play a bigger role and give Team USA more of a fighting chance.


  1. "My guess is his reasoning is he can't stand to play on a team without Goose. They're very close (wink)."

    I just posted the same thing on SOTC! I can see Pommers making a pro/con list for each team and it coming down to playing with Roy or Goose...and if you ask me, Goose could be pretty convincing with his angry HONKing (not to mention his stunning good looks...haha).

    I seriously think they might be the two cutest roomies in the NHL...Why can I totally see them buying friendship bracelets? =)

    Thanks for the roster info, too. As a newbie to the world of blogs it's nice to be informed and entertained at the same time!

  2. Ha, thanks Katie.

    I bet Pommer wants to play against Roysie too, lol. A battle for which Sabres top scorer reigns supreme.

  3. yay Royzie made the cut!! Now I just have to find these games on tv so I can see him. Hellllloo CBC! (at least I hope CBC will hook us up, cuz I get that. I don't get TSN and you know no American station will show non-nhl hockey while the playoffs are going on. GRRRR)

    Goose and Pommers are cute, there was a piece about roommates in The Hockey News a coupla weeks ago, and they made it. They've been roomies for 6 years! (all of their pro careers) Awwwwwww. They are so totally BFFs.

  4. I read that Hockey News piece, too, and it was very cute. I love that they have "movie nights" on nights before games and that Pommers likes to pick ones in French to annoy Goose.

    Hopefully, their BFF-ness will bode well for their upcoming contract talks.

  5. Katie! Maybe Pommer can threaten to not sign if they don't sign the Goose! I like this thinking. Maybe they can use it to help keep Millsey.

  6. As an avid fan of Goose, I would personally love it if Pommers threw a little hissy and demanded they sign them both to long term deals!

    And Miller, Goose, and Pommers have played together for their entire pro careers, so hopefully they want to keep playing together as long as possible!


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