Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hockey is Complicated

by Anne

What an evening of hockey THAT was.

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The only down side was that Versus and HNiC were broadcasting the Pens game, and neither of them broadcasting the Stars/Sharks game. I had to watch on Yahoo.com.

I really bring the Pens good luck, lol. The last game I started watching 1/2 way through it was 3-0 and they came back and won. Tonight I went out to dinner and came back 1/2 way through just to see the Rangers tie it at 3. Then they won this one. If only I had the same effect on my boys in blue and gold. Ahhhhhh. The Penguins are my regular season "other woman". It's nice to show my love for my hockey mistress this time of year, but we all know where my heart belongs.


WOOOOOOOO!! Go Stars! YO, SHARKS! Do NOT mess up StUUUUUuuuuuUUUUU BARNES. Norstrom will eff you up by scoring a goal, which he's never done in the playoffs before this series. HA! He's got Nabby's number.

I haven't missed a Pens game thus far and they've won them all. The Stars have won every game that I've watched at least part of...iiiiiiinteresting.

Montreal has let down Sabres fans across the board. Most Sabres fans have been pulling for Montreal, which makes sense to me (they don't constantly wipe the floor with us, they for the most part aren't dirty players, etc.) and if the Pens weren't in this, I'd probably be pulling for them too. Yo, Montreal, what is the DEAL? You were so scary and good in the last part of the season and now you're falling apart....wait, are you secretly San Jose?

Oh yeah, the Avs lost to the Red Wings. I'm only disappointed because I thought the Avs might do it, based on how much Detroit struggled in the first round.....apparently not.

It was like I forgot Peter Forsberg played for the Avalanche. He was out for the first 2 games and I couldn't remember why I disliked the Avs so much. Then they showed him on the bench last night and I shuddered. I definitely should've picked the Red Wings. If for no other reason than I might get to hear more interviews with Zetterberg.

Thank goodness Ryan Miller was named to the NHLPA Goalie Equipment Working Group so I have something mildly Sabres related and relevant to discuss. I'm enjoying reading about Team USA, but mostly I'm grasping at straws over here.

On a related note: Here's a nice article about Kaner over in Camp USA. My favorite quote:
“Growing up my favorite player was Joe Sakic, and the game I scored my first goal, I was named first star and he was named second star,” Kane said. “Things like that hit you, and after that you’re like, ‘Wow, is this happening?’ ”
Yes Kaner, it is.

Anyhoot, does the name of this committee Millsey's on sound like a category in some sort of bizarre ice hockey themed dog show to anyone else?

Basically its 3 goaltenders (Brodeur, Pretty Ricky and Millsey) and 2 forwards (Heatley and Cammalleri) plus 3 people who aren't players including Brett Hull (ugh). They'll yammer on about the size of goaltender equipment being scaled back or being made out of tashcan lids or whatevs. They really should have J.S. Giguere on this committee. It looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is in net for the Mightily Mighty Ducks that are Mightily of Anaheim.


I am proud to announce that Iggy was nominated for the Hart Trophy.

This is his 3rd nomination. He came in 2nd in his previous at bats. There ain't no way Iggy's gonna win. Naming a 3rd nominee was almost a formality it seems. Most commentators have basically gift-wrapped the Hart and handed it to Ovie already, with a couple tossing it Malkin's way. It's ok, they had excellent seasons, but then again, Iggy did too, just not in the same explosive way. 50 goals ain't nothin' to sneeze at. It's ok, Iggy, you'll win my Heart! (Ha, see what I did there?)

If Bruce Boudreau isn't nominated for the Jack Adams Award, I will be irate.

Do I need to elaborate all the statbit-istical reasons he needs to be nominated? Look at his little face! He's so cute! He is without a doubt the most adorable coach in the NHL. Er, um, no offense Lindy.

: None taken, I know you think I'm tops.

: It's true, Lind-o, I do. You're still my main man.

: Thanks...is that you as a South Park character?

: Why yes, yes it is. Thank you for noticing.

: Any time. What are you holding?

: It's a Sabre....duh.

: Wow.


  1. hahahahahaha I love Lindy.

    I can only imagine the conversation between Hull and Mills.

  2. That was a very nice night of hockey!!

    The Penguins are my regular season "other woman".

    Mine too! Sometimes I feel bad rooting for them too hard (or admiring Sid and Ry-ry)...but the Sabres know that they are my only REAL love.

    And I like that article on my future husband #1 (Kaner) - he's so cute!! And I love that he's roomies with Pommer on Team USA. Pommer's always been the youngster of the room with Goose, so now he can feel what it's like to be the "big brother" =)

    I'm so glad the Stars game is on tonight - I need some more STUUUU in my hockey life!

  3. I hope Millsey kicks Hull in the shins and says "I know my foot isn't supposed to be there and that's techincally not allowed by most people who dictate social ettiquette, but we're about to change the rules anyway, so just let it go."

    I'm sure Pommer loves having a fellow er, native born Buffalonian (as far as the Team USA roster is concerned anyway, lol) as his roomie. Maybe Pommer can get some tapes with subliminal messages about how GREAT it is to play in Buffalo and how Kaner should come play for us ASAP


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