Friday, April 18, 2008

OMG I'm TOTALLY FAMOUS!!! (part trois)

by Anne

I must just ask awesome questions to player's blogs.

Millsey is writing a playoff blog for Maxim magazine and you can actually comment on it. So I did, and of the like 15 questions he got, mine was one of the 5 he answered:

Hey Ryan! So everyone talks about how great it is to have home ice advantage, but in this opening round overall, teams are like 16-14 on home ice...making it seem like not much of an advantage. As a player, how important do you think home ice advantage is in the playoffs? Thanks! Buffalo is much quieter without you boys playing! Can't wait til next season! -Anne

Home ice is a huge lift for a team in most cases... I think that Nashville really got a boost from their crowd. They looked much more focused. But I don’t think it always works that way... I wish I could explain this for you but there are so many factors in a game. I only know as a player we always appreciate our fan’s excitement and it really does make you feel great when you step into an environment that playoff hockey promotes. We always feel like we want to impress the fans and play our best game... I suppose maybe sometimes home ice carries some pressure to perform with it and maybe that is what we are seeing.

My favorite part is when he says "I wish I could explain this for you". Aw, I'm glad you're concerned that I get a full explanation, Millsey.

More than Yo-yo and Big Bear this wins as most exciting blogged answer to one of my questions. (Did I mention things are slow in my life right now?)

Woooooo! Millsey and I are clearly best friends now. Don't fight it.

I realized in looking back on posts I don't talk about Millsey all that much. I think its because I'm afraid I'll send him weird vibes if I judge him harshly or if I love him too much. Let me just say this: I freakin' love Ryan Miller. I think he's totally awesome and he's my secret favorite player. I just wanted to make sure that was clearly understood. If he were to leave Buffalo I would be really upset about it.

Millsey, bracing himself for the onslaught of my love.


  1. 1. I'm totally pumped Millsie answered your question.
    2. Don't apologize about A.O., this is your blog. Screw that. haha
    3. I love that you used Vanek's nasty hair.

  2. I was exceptionally excited because he got like 15 questions but only answered like 5.

    2. AO is the man. I want to love Sid the Kid more, but he's just not as entertaining on or off the ice.

    3. I LOVE that picture of Thomas Vanek. He has some really great pictures out there of him.

  3. Congratulations, Anne!!

    I'm so happy for you and Ryan's bff-ness!!

    Serioulsy, though, I love how thorough he is with his answers, but we wouldn't expect anything else from our favorite over-analyzer!!

    I need to think of a question to ask him...


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