Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY

by Anne

Woooooooooo!!! 2-0 win for the Pens! Woooooo!!! 5-2 win for the Stars!

That Rangers loss couldn't have sucked for anyone more than Henrik Lundqvist. Limiting the Pens, who have one of the most explosive offenses in the NHL, to one goal is no small task. Obviously the 2nd goal doesn't count against him because he was not in net.

Remember when I said that I hate early whistles? I totally take that back. An early whistle was the Pens BFFL today. Thanks Dan O'Halloran! You did the right thing. And it benefited the Pens too, so it was morally right.

Afternoon games always throw me off. I appreciate the staggering of games so there is as little channel flipping as possible. However, it totally changes the make up of my day. I do enjoy the midday opportunity to get my fill of Ry-ry. He's my only divisional boyfriend still in this thing, so I need my fix. I don't feel any urge to make babies with any other players on any other Eastern Conference teams, so that takes care of that. Unfortunately, I feel no urge to make babies or practice making babies with any of the gents on any of the Western Conference teams. This seriously affects my watching of hockey games. My goal during the Sharks/Stars game is to fall in love with a Star. I love STUUUUuuuuuUUUUU Barnes, but I don't want to make babies with him. I just want him back in Buffalo.... :)

Let's seeee..... Stephane Robidas is sweet but I don't think I want his babies. Mike Ribeiro? Nah. Wait. What am I THINKING?

Hiiiiiii Brrrrrrrrrrrrad :)

Thanks for that goal and those assists. You really responded well in the few minutes after I first started typing this blog entry about how you're my new platonic Western Conference boyfriend. Unless you're single...then it doesn't need to be platonic. WINK.

I genuinely appreciate Ry-ry and Brad winning games on the same day, but could we please spread it out a little, Versus? Can we space the games out so I can have some sexy in my life on different days?

I don't want to have his babies, but I do have crazy new-found love for one Mr. Keith Jones:

Why? Because unlike most commentators, Jonesy tends to actually know what he's talking about. He doesn't just regurgitate whatever the popular belief is, he actually seems to research things, or get interns to research for him. Case in point: His calling out of Brian Campbell last night. Sorry Soupy, but that game last night was a lot like the games we were used to seeing from you this season in the B-lo. You're definitely better than that and Jonesy wants more from you. Love ya!

Private to Sean Avery:

Dude, I know your main motivation in life is to irritate and nauseate and you like to mess with people. I totally get that. I don't like it, but I get it. However when Hal Gill and Georges Laraque are within 2 strides of you, don't rough up their goaltender. I don't care that it was kind of immature of Fleury to hit you with his stick, but, come on. Control yourself, you child. That sketch on Letterman was funny, though.

No Love,


Private to Henrik Zetterberg:

I don't like your team but your voice is super sexy, please call me and read something to me, anything. A recipe, the phone book, the users manual to your car, anything.




  1. Yay Pens!!

    I don't feel any urge to make babies with any other players on any other Eastern Conference teams, so that takes care of that.

    You mean Jagr doesn't do it for you?? Especially with his "landing strip" of a beard!! =P

    Speaking of "beards", I am slowly becoming massively attracted to Sid's adorable attempt to be a big boy with his facial hair. It may seem like a cop-out to pick him as my new playoff lover (sorry J-Rome), but there's something pretty intense about Sid now that seems to have been laying dormant until this postseason. I find intense hockey boys very attractive (see Gaustad, Paul)...

  2. Sid the Kid's smarmy 4th Musketeer facial hair is totally rocking my socks. I can't get enough of it. I'm pretty sure he's really proud of it.

  3. I can see Sid in the locker room staring at his reflection in pure admiration of his pre-teen facial fuzz. Then he looks over at guys like Ry-Ry and Max Talbot and furiously rubs his cheeks in the hopes of stimulating some hair growth.


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