Tuesday, May 20, 2008


by Anne

So the finals have been set:

Scandanavia Red Wings v. Pittsburgh McSexyTimes

Awesome. There is little doubt as to which team Sabretooth's House is throwing its full support behind:

Hey there baby, is it me?

Uhhhh, no, Sid, it's not...well, I mean, yes, it is your team, I mean you are captain, but, uhhh. Boy, this is kind of awkward...ummm, anyway:

Ahhh, THAT's more like it

Old Skool...aka last season

Woooooooooooo!!!! Wow, I have like nothing else to talk about.

No more World Championships, it's all about the Cup Finals and whatever random Sabres crap I can come up with.

Now we wait for the Finals to start!!!!


In Sabres news, I saw Petey at Wegman's yesterday. I've met and talked to Andrew Peters a few times before so it wasn't as exciting as it could've been. But whatevs. He buzzed all of his hair off. If I was a dude I would probably do the same, much less maintenance and prep time in the morning. However, I like my Peteys with more hair on their heads. Alas. Petey was lovin' up prepared foods as most Sabres do, it seems.

Everyone's been talking about the evolution of their tastes as a Sabres fan by discussing their past favorite Sabres. I can honestly say I can't gauge my fandom by favorite players, only in the last maybe 3 seasons have I been hardcore about it. I'd say my first favorite Sabre was Stu Barnes after Peca was a d-bag in 2001. Then, I had kind of a lull in my hockey fandom, and because the Sabres were sucking out loud. Then they traded away STUUUUuuuuUUUUU. Then, one day in the 03-04 season, that swarthy Mr. Jay McKee caught my eye, albeit not in a crazy "capture my heart" kind of way. It was quite a departure, loving a defenseman, and still is considering my usual favorite player is the nice guy who scores goals and doesn't get into fights very often (Pommer, Pie-YAY!, Big Bear, Yoyo). With the notable exception of Sissy Spacek. And, let's be honest, it's for Goose's charity work and over -all bangability that I love him, not his mad skillz as a hockey player.

So after Mr. McKee, I didn't really have a favorite in the 06-07 season until one Mr. Drew Stafford poked his little way into my heart. But that was a short-lived, immature little fling and he has now been replaced in equal part by Pominville and Paille with Sissy, Big Bear and Yo-yo falling in closely behind.

What's that? You want a picture retrospective? Okay!

Cap'n Stu skates his way to victory... actually the Sabres didn't do a lot of that in his tenture as Captain

JKee!! Lookin' all tough and Sabre-y.
Look at BabySoupy behind him, tee hee hee

Really? Her? How many margaritas did I have?

Ahhhh, that's better
Pommer's #2 goal at the moment: get the puck, #1: get away before Avery gets up. Dang! Why do our names have to be on the backs of our sweaters?!


So those are my favorites in a nutshell. I know, I quite obviously left off Pat Lafontaine, but his rank as all time favorite need not be spoken of. He wasn't a casual fling as most of these gents have been. We're in it for the long haul, Pat and I.



  1. Avery's goals:

    2. Attack Pommers. "What the... HE knocked ME down?"
    1. Get laid.

  2. Scandanavia Red Wings v. Pittsburgh McSexyTimes

    I shall now refer to them only as the McSexyTimes and see what kind of response I get from people watching with me.

    Uhhhh, no, Sid, it's not...

    It's ok. I'll be here to "comfort" Sid after your quasi-rejection... ;)

  3. OK, Sid is one hell of a hockey player, but I've never thought of him as cute, but DAMN that is one nice picture of him. Where do you find these kind of pictures?

    Maybe the helmet is what I think makes him look kinda goofy.

  4. Dani - Sean Avery gets an inexplicable amount of tail. I cannot understand why. Everything about him is in questionable taste, his style of hockey, his clothes, his overall attitude toward life, even the team he plays for.

    Katie- I'm glad someone's got Sid's lovin' on their to do list, as its not on mine.

    Jennifer- I find these pictures on Google image through tireless hours of searching lol. For me its the mouthguard and slightly protruding teeth. But I'd still probably do'im.


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