Monday, May 19, 2008

Wow, Aww, and WOOOOO!!

by Anne

First things first:


I was driving to Cleveland during the Dallas/Detroit game and, wowzas, well done, Dallas Stars. Winning AGAIN, AND limiting Detroit to one goal, yet again. Who'd a thunk it? Detroit is looking less scary monster like in these playoffs than anticipated. They lost 2 to Nashville who everyone assumed they would pulverize, then they SWEPT Colorado whom everyone thought would give them a run for their money, and then the tired, weary Dallas Stars were supposed to be easy for them to take and they've given up 2 games in a row. Wow. Well done Dallas Stars and Marty Turco. I still don't think you're going to pull off the "once every 33 years" schtick, but it'll be nice to see you try, and I'm sure your fans appreciate it.


Awwwwwww, Canada and Russia met in the IIHF World Championships Gold Medal game yesterday. Russia won Gold in a 5-4 OT finish. Probably a really exciting game, couldn't watch it. :(

Roysie shoots the puck

So Canada takes home silver. But in other news, they moved to the top of the IIHF standings, and the U.S. moved from 7th to 6th, so that's pretty sweet. Yay!! Well done, boys! Now, Roysie, come home to Buffalo and your wacky boat.

And finally:









So amazing, so great, so awesome!!!


Since I'm tired and don't feel like writing anymore:

Now, for a selection from the 435356 pictures available on the Pens website:

The Latest Addition to the List of Non-Sabres vying for my Heart.
Gronk scored a goal!! Yay!!!

So did my current Atlantic Division Boyfriend!! Twice!

Nothin' but LOVE :)

Ahhhhhhh. Ry-Ry :) Swoon.

Since my blog appears to be a hotbed for shirtless photo searches, I felt the need to throw this on there. Evgeni Malkin shirtless. Woo. Not my personal cup o' tea, but clearly, someone out there is on the lookout. But of all the Pens to see shirtless... Geno? Eh, whatevs.

Awwww. I'm not sure what to caption this picture, but the look on Sid's face makes me giggle, and the angle makes Mario look like 3 feet taller, and, p.s., look at those arms. Woooooo!

Maxime Talbot hugs the REAL heart and soul of ANY team: the mascot.
Talbot knows what's up.

Private to Marty Biron:

Sorry, Marty. Love ya!! :(


Private to Danny Briere:

Maybe next season you'll make it past the Eastern Conference Finals. Third time wasn't a charm. Maybe if it had been the Sabres... whatevs.


Private to Jordan Staal:

WOOO! Keep it up! You're totally worming your sneaky sod-loving and/or hating way into the part of my heart not reserved for the Buffalo Sabres. WOOHOOO!!!!!!



  1. oooh ahh um YUMMY Geno with no shirt! It's probably dirtyu of me to think that, he's what, 20 yrs old? (okay he's 22, that's not too bad) And I'm 26. Eeek. Either way, he reminds me of a young Pavel Bure, which is a VERY good thing. :)

  2. I must echo s.a.m. and say that shirtless Geno surprised a very good way!

    I couldn't catch the game yesterday, but when I was driving home and heard that Bugsy (or Ry-ry) scored twice, I immediately thought of how proud you must be of your Atlantic Division boyfriend!

  3. s.a.m., Geno is a perfect example of a guy that, if he weren't a sweet hockey player I'd take no note of him. But seeing that he is, yes, yes I would totally hit that.

    Katie, someone must've told Bugsy that there was a crazy woman in Buffalo freaking out about him, and he also probably heard that Gronk his hot on his heels for my Atlantic Division Boyfriend, so he had to out do him. Sigh.

  4. God the perverted things I would do to Ryan Malone.... I mean, what?

  5. Geno is a stud solely because of what he does on the ice! now if he could only close his mouth when he is breathing.


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