Friday, May 16, 2008


by Anne

Ew, so the Flyers were NOT elimidated last night. They were not Next-ed. They were given a playoff rose and live to woo another day. My new Penguins fixation (Jordan Staal) scored 2 goals! TOO BAD NO ONE ELSE DID. Boy only had 12 goals all season and now he has 5 in the playoffs, cut him a BREAK peeps and give him some SUPPORT! He totes should've been first star. Granted, the first star doesn't generally come from the losing team, but whoever declared the stars after the game last night agreed with me. Get on the BALL,! Jordan flew from Philly to Thunder Bay on Tuesday night, attended his grandfather's funeral, a grandfather he was very close to, then turned around and flew BACK to Philly to play a game and then scored 2 goals. I heard a story that his grandfather used to give the boys a dollar for each goal they scored. I bet that 2 dollars probably would've meant more than any six figure contract the Penguins are going to offer him some day. Thanks A LOT, REST OF THE PENGUINS.

He also got pounded into the boards, but Ry-ry totes had his back and beat the crap out of Hatcher (I think?) on his behalf. Good boy, Ry-ry! I suppose I should start calling Ryan Malone "Bugsy" like everyone else does. Eh, I laugh when I call him Ry-ry cuz its what my cousin's baby used to call his uncle.

Whatevs, it's bad to lose a series at home, believe me, I know. They'll get 'em next game.

Here's a picture of Max from the Worlds that I missed in my last post about Team Russia:

Maybe he should do this more often in Buffalo...

There are no NHL playoff games tonight. That's fine, everyone needs a break. Last night's game in Philly was really exciting, one of the most exciting games I've watched in this year's playoffs. Normally when a team is down 3-0, they just roll over and die. Not in the playoffs, and not the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was really amazing to watch a team just fight and scrap the whole game. I love the Penguins.

Katebits mentioned that she could've been a Flyers fan, I easily could've been a Penguins fan as my parents plan is to move back to Pittsburgh after my Dad finishes law school. For those keeping score, Papa Maloy finished law school in 1979. Stiiiiiill waiting to go back, Pops. Whatevs, no matter how much I love the Penguins in their current incarnation (and I do), I couldn't ever love them as much as I do the Sabres. Because what I really love about the Penguins is Ryan Malone, Jordan Staal, Maxime Talbot, Sid the Kid, Geno, Gary Roberts and Tyler "Fuggo" Kennedy. If all those players were to disperse, I'd still love them. I know that if I were a Penguins fan, Colby Armstrong would've been my favorite and I would be utterly devastated that they traded him. I'm sad about it now, I don't really follow the Penguins exceptionally closely in the regular season.


All I remember about it is that I was driving down the street and we passed Steve Bernier and his wife/girlfriend/BabyMama and Big Bear was all gross and fat and had terrible hair and hadn't shaved in weeks, but was one of those guys that would've looked cool in 1992. And the chick he was with was a cute, pregnant brunette. Hahahahahaha. WTF? I'm a cute brunette! I'm not pregnant, but 2 outta 3 aint bad. Big Bear! I'll totally still love you if you get big and fat and knock me up and decide to dress like people did when we were both 7 years old cuz we were both born in 1985. Wooooo!

Anyway, I want the Pens to finish off the Flyers ASAP. Sunday: Job #1, do NOT give the Flyers a Shot at Love the Cup, do NOT give them a rose, tell them they will not be America's Next Top Model Eastern Conference Champs, they need to pack their knives sticks and GO!

Ok, onto the Worlds:

Today starts the Semis.

Ovie, Afinogenov and Nabokov take on S. Koivu, M. Koivu and Selanne today at 12 EDT.

Roysie, Getzy, Nasher, and Caps PBF take on Lundqvist and (Caps)Backstrom today at 4:00 EDT.

Go Russia! Go Canada! Yay!

On the Sabres front:

I made a submission to with my thoughts about the Vezina nominees, y'all should check and see if they used my thoughts. Woo! Personally, I'm pulling for Nabokov to win it. All the reasons why are listed there, if they use them.

I sent a request for Entry Draft passes to Ottawa, I don't know if I'll get any, but I'll figure out what to do and how to get there if they send me some. Woooohoooo! Young fresh prospects. Haha. I'm not creepy, I SWEAR.

TODAY IS MY LAST DAY AT MY JOB! If you live in Buffalo and want an excuse to knock back a few drinks, I'll be at Pearl Street around 5:00. I'll be in the "I Heart Buffalo Hockey" sweatshirt wearing red glasses and dancing on the tables. Wooohoooo!!!!

Private to Jordan Staal:

YAY!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!! YOU CAN COME ALONG IN OUR SABRES SMOOTHIE CAR RIDE!!! Hey, maybe we'll draft your brother, that'd be cool.


Private to Mike Ryan,

Happy Birthday! I hope we re-sign you, for M.J.'s sake.


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  1. I am quickly growing to love Jordan Staal, too, and I wanted them to win so bad last night if only because it would have made such a sweet story with him coming back from the funeral and all.

    And I totes (haha) gave Ry-ry a shout-out in my blog last night...I swear, his eyes get prettier every time I look at them...

    I know that if I were a Penguins fan, Colby Armstrong would've been my favorite and I would be utterly devastated that they traded him.

    I'm not even that big of a Pens fan, but I was more upset about Colby than I was about the Soupster getting traded...I'll admit to getting a little choked up when I heard he wasn't going to be Sid's adorable roomie anymore.

    Yay for your last day - hope you have tons of fun dancing on those tables!!


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