Monday, June 9, 2008

Back in Buffalo

by Anne

Thank hey-soos I'm back in Buffalo, the land of wireless internet, only 75% humidity, and no central air.

That's ok, though, I'll take what I can get.

Oscar is none to happy with his mommy for leaving for a few days.

Ron Wilson is about to become the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Its well documented that Mr. Wilson and BIG BEAR didn't get a long to well in San Jose. Hopefully he won't use his krazee mind powers to affect Big Bear for 6 games next season. Booooo. It won't be official until like Tuesday though. Whatevs.

Whatev, I kind of enjoyed watching Toronto just miss the playoffs and be worse than us for the last several seasons. It was pretty awesome. I'm not interested in this possible resurgence of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Although, it would be nice for Cap'n Mats to even taste the Cup Finals. Not at our expense, of course.

I don't even want to talk about the tomfoolery with Chelios' restaurant and the Cup. All I have to say is: Hahahahahahahahahahaha D-Troit is totes CURSED now. Hahahaha. Hope you enjoyed these last few Cup wins.


Hhaahahaha, I love when crap like this happens.

Nice going.

In tragic, tragic news, the Tampa Bay Rays have fallen to 2nd place in the AL East, 1.5 games behind Boston. Not. Cool.

Ummm, no major off-season re-signings that have drastically affected my HockeyLife as of yet.

However, tis widely expected that the Dominator is about to hang up his blocker this off-season. Considering the average hockey career is about 6 years, I'd say he's had his fair share.

There's going to be a presser this morning about it.

Awwww, Dom. Now will start the "He was probably the best individual player in franchise history... sooooooo.... about that #39 thing.... about that being a big jerkface thing......." YESSSSS. Bring it ON. I, personally, do not have a strong opinion about the ordeal, because I'm not 100% sure what went down when Dom left town. That rhymed, ha.

For serious though, peeps. Leaving Buffalo is a great way for me to be reminded of why its so great. The town I was in is just so small and small minded. To most people there, there's nothing going on outside of their county. It just doesn't affect them, in their minds. I SAW A BUNCH OF MENNONITES PLAYING SOFTBALL.

It's just a weird town, the accent is weird, the people are weird, the number of radio stations that's main airplay is NOT country or Christian rock is like barely countable. Gas is cheaper there, so that's a plus. It's not technically in the South, but it sure do feel like it is. Not the BAD South, but not the good South like Nashville or Atlanta.

Whatev, I'm just glad I don't live thar where thar's no hockey and whar thar's lots o' scrunchies and Aquanet's still in bizness.

NHL Awards on Thursday! Woo!


  1. Nice weather your coming home to, eh? haha

  2. I don't even want to talk about the tomfoolery with Chelios' restaurant and the Cup. All I have to say is: Hahahahahahahahahahaha D-Troit is totes CURSED now.

    That's exactly what I was thinking! Denting the Cup has to be bad hockey karma.

    Welcome back to the land of the living - isn't it funny how you have to get away for a while to remember just how good Buffalo is?

  3. At least there was a stinkin' BREEZE in Buffalo today. Pennsylvania seems to have instituted a ban on them.

    I lived for a whole year in Fredonia, and I cannot TELL you how GLAD I was to be back in Buffalo. It's only an hour away, but it felt like a different planet.

  4. Hhaahahaha, I love when crap like this happens.

    Me too, and especially when it happens twice in about a week span. First the Detroit stuff, now this. God job NHL! hahah.

    I hear what you're saying the whole Buffalo thing. I go to school in Rochester, and it's definitely not far away, but even that small distance you can see how things are difference. That's why I have hardcore BuffaLOVE!

  5. Leaving Buffalo is a great way for me to be reminded of why its so great.

    Amen to that. I just got back from a family trip to rural Indiana. Hearing a Buffalo accent again was music to my ears. I missed Wegmans and Tim Hortons. The Super Wal-Mart just wasn't cutting it.

  6. LOL DETROIT. For so many many reasons


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