Friday, June 27, 2008

Day in the Life, Day 4

by Anne

So my days are usually pretty standard. Pops and I rode downtown on Ye Olde Metro Bus to the office, whereupon for 4 hours I sat at a desk and typed legally personal injury courtly related materials into a computer system. Hot.

9:10 - When I walked into the office I'm "borrowing" from an attorney that only comes in 2 days a week, this is the drawing that was on the white board:

Maybe, like school children, attorneys who draw accident situations just really really like using the whiteboard. I'm sure this drawing makes perfect sense to Mr. Jackon Pollock, Esq. who drew it. I think its a guy on a ladder watching a bunch of snakes fall from an elaborate pulley system. This might be the plot of the next Bourne movie if they don't come up with something soon.

FYI, this is the glamorous view out my office window. Hot. What you can't really see are all the spiderwebs covered in dead bugs. Mmmmm, that bagel is sounding TASTY right now.

4:30 - The Sobe Bottle Of Mystery. This is one of those things that's been sitting in our classroom for well over a week and no one has claimed it as their own. I mean, there are only 7 kids in the class, the possibilities of ownership are quite limited. I was starting to get annoyed at them for not claiming it, or throwing it out, when a student reminded me that there used to be 8 kids in the class and it might be his. Oh. Right. That's probably the case. We were running late, so I was looking for things to annoy me.

5:05 - Waiting for the bus outside the Albright Knox. I really need a new car.

The new Burchfield-Penney Arts Center. That Left curved wall used to have a huge "GO SABRES" painted on it during last year's playoffs. I just remembered that also on Elmwood Ave (just down the road from this) after the playoffs, some fans made a huge sign that said "Thank you Sabres" after they were eliminated. I love Buffalo sports fans.

6:30 - Isaac and I were back at the Genius Bar for some things to be installed, but its all good in da 'hood. He's fine. Who ELSE was at the genius bar? Funny you should ask, because this begins my evening of "How many more people who work for the Sabres am I going to run into tonight?"

Why look, it's me sneakily taking a picture of Sabres' goaltending coach, Jim Corsi.

Here's how it went down. So I had to take the Macbook in for a tune up. I'm sitting at the Genius Bar, gazing into the baby blues of Jason Pominville staring back at me from my desktop and I declare that that's supremely not like me to have a Sabres' wallpaper, particularly of Pommerdoodle, so I decide to change it, less I misrepresent myself to one of the cute boys who work at the Genius Bar. 10 minutes later, Jim Corsi appears right next to me. Good move, Anne. That would've been awkward for me. He probably would not have noticed.

So Jimbo is wandering about having this fixed on his iPhone, chatting with the employees, joking around and being an all-around nice guy. It makes me feel good to know that Millsey's coach (at least away from the ice) is a very pleasant person. Anyhoot, just after the above picture was taken, 3 other people in Sabres polos carrying their Macbooks with their Sabres stickers on them appear and start chatting up the sales people about every conceivable product they could have. It was like the all had a chat at NU about their computers needing to be tricked out and decided to caravan it down to the Galleria Mall to get new carriers and figure out why Nathan Gerbe looks so much bigger on the screen than he does in person. Is it a glitch with iDVD? Maybe they were having trouble composing a new Hockey Night in Canada theme with GarageBand.

SO after trying to eavesdrop on the conversation for a minute or so, I opt to not bother them and just leave once Isaac is healthy again. On my way to my friend Liz's birthday party, my friend Jess calls and asks me to pick up something at the grocery store for her. Sure, why not? I'm already out and about. So I boogie my way over to Wegman's and I'm wandering about in the aisle near the canned tomatoes (for the record I had no idea where Frank's hot sauce was in the store, not even a little bit of a clue, the answer is "by the ketchup", for those who are wondering) so I grab the phone to call Jess and WHO WALKS DOWN THE AISLE AND WHO DO I PASS LIKE 3 TIMES IN MY SEARCH BUT PAUL GAUSTAD. AGAIN. Why is GOOSE always at Wegman's when I'm there at night? Like, fo' real. This is the 3rd time in like a month. And, FYI, he did look weak-in-the-knees totally cute too.

And NO, who thinks to bring their camera into Wegman's with them? Not that I would've actually taken a picture of him, or even talked to him, but I was like "this is perfect for the blog" lol. His legs are like as long as my entire body, so I couldn't have kept up with him even if I tried to. Haha. We totally made eye contact for a second too. My friend Dan has declared it fate. I AGREE, DANIEL, I AGREE.

8:00 - I arrive at Liz's party and tell them all about my evening. Then I proceed to spend 2 hours talking to my friend Dan about the Sabres and hockey and it was AWESOME. He's also getting me a job working concessions in the Arena. SWEET. He's a manager of some kind. He gets me free beer at games, that's what's most important to know. Free. Huge. Beer.


  1. I think you and Paul are meant for each other (sorry Sabre Sister). And that drawing is hysterical!

  2. You definitely have a fate thing going on with Goose... I wish I could too!

    I loved the "Thank you Sabres" and such that was all over the city. Buffalo rocks.

  3. And NO, who thinks to bring their camera into Wegman's with them?

    ALWAYS take your camera into Wegman's. Some of us aren't lucky enough to have the opportunity to run into Goose. Let us live vicariously through you. PLEASE!!!

  4. Once again, I am so completely jealous of your Goose-encounters! At least we know he and Millsey made it back from their Spacho-guided Euro tour all in one (beautiful) piece!

    I think you and Paul are meant for each other (sorry Sabre Sister)

    I may love him with a slightly disturbing passion, but I can't deny fate when I see it. That's ok, because dad says I'm destined to marry Pat Kane because I used to watch him play hockey when he was little. haha

  5. No lie, as I was pulling into Wegman's and when I was by Liz (who lives near Millsey)'s house I was like "I wonder if Millsey and Goose are back from Europe" and, well, there was my answer.

  6. I think I'm moving into your local Wegman's. LOL I kinda hate Wegmans because I can't ever find anything, and the carts are too loud in the produce section because of the floor and it's sorta snooty- BUT every time I hit a Wegman's (not often cuz I live in the boonies) I see a ton of hot dudes. Not Sabres but hot dudes nonethelss.

    So maybe I should revise my opinion of the W..

  7. So maybe I should revise my opinion of the W.

    If it's good enough for Paul Gaustad, its good enough for me.


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