Thursday, June 19, 2008

I don't WANT to be SiCK

by Anne

So I awoke this morning with one of my patented "its really gloomy, cloudy and rainy outside, let's do a number on Anne's sinuses MWAAHAHAHAHAHA" headaches. While these somewhat infrequent headaches are normally a welcome opportunity to stay home and sleep it off, I have a great deal to do this afternoon, and this headache will considerably interfere with those plans. ARG!

I have to teach high school students about Shakespeare's life and times etc. Wa-hoo. While I find Mr. Shakespeare's life and times interesting, its not ideal to discuss when one is slightly dizzy and nauseas.

WHATEV. Enough about my "illness".

So the 10 year old cousin who was in attendance with me at the Richard Zednik game and I (along with my mom and his 9 year old sister) are attending the Draft Day party tomorrow. After hearing Goose's interview on 97 Rock, I was saddened to hear that our dear beloved Ryan Miller will not be in attendance. This doesn't affect me too greatly, but Jimmy has professed many times that Ryan is his favorite player, and I was afraid he'd be really disappointed. The conversation in the car yesterday went something like this:

Me: Hey, buddy, so you know the Sabres thing we're going to on Friday?
Jimmy: Yeah.
Me: Well, I just heard that Ryan Miller isn't going to be there. [Braces for huge outcry of displeasure and distress]
Jimmy: So?

Apparently Jimmy does not have the deep emotional attachment to Millsey I had anticipated. Maybe he'll suddenly develop an attachment to one of the players that will be in attendance. Unfortunately, his 2nd favorite is Afinogenov because he's Russian and Jimmy was born in a Russian-speaking country. He also used to like Brian Campbell. Great. It appears all of the kid's favorites are trade fodder. Note to Darcy: can we sign one of the like 5 NHL players from Kazakhstan? Antropov? Nabokov? That's where Jimmy and his sister Ellie were born.

Hmmm, how can I get this kid to love Vanek? He'll be around for a while. Roysie? This project will require some time and effort. I don't really know what about a hockey player, other than the fact that they're a hockey player, appeals to a 10 year old boy. Any thoughts?

Now one of my eyes won't stop watering. I wonder what this smorgasboard of symptoms means? MAYBE IT'S WHAT HAPPENS TO ME WHEN I DON'T HAVE HOCKEY TO WATCH. Its buildup of celebration and ranting and raving, it needs to be released!

I'm really afraid that tomorrow I'm going to be near some player and my Mom is going to be all "go talk to him! You should!" Like I'm 12 again. While I would normally do the same thing to my 10 year old cousin, at the ripe old age of 22, I feel I've out grown the need for such encouragement. Besides, I feel I'd need something to say to them, I can no longer walk up and look cute and smile, it don't work past the age of 10... unless you're in a bar. CURSES!

But I am looking forward to seeing the dressing room, is that weird? haha, I'm more interested in seeing the dressing rooms than the players. Hahaha. No offense, Pat Kaleta.


It's a great way to get to know the security personnel at the Arena.


  1. I saw the Sabres locker room during the old Sabres carnival days. Its really a lot smaller thank you'd think it would be. There was no gear in the lockers, other than player sweaters hanging in the stalls. I went a little picture happy in there, though.

    The only player I heard confirmed so far for the autograph session was Kaleta. Who else is still in the area and available? I doubt that they would have Max there, just because there's so many rumors swirling around him. It would suck to have him be sitting at a table signing some kid's sweater when he finds out that he's been traded to Podunk for a bag of pucks and a draft pick.

  2. Use your 10 year old cousin as a meeting tool for players that you are apprehensive to approach. You can introduce them and not be so self-conscious about just walking up to a hot hockey player and just standing there with your mouth hanging open, while drooling.

    If possible, can anyone get me a Kaleta autograph??? PLEASE! It's not my fault that I live in Virginia, I still love the Sabres.

  3. "I'm more interested in seeing the dressing rooms than the players."

    Me too.

  4. It's a great way to get to know the security personnel at the Arena.

    It's always good to have connections!

    I am so jealous of everyone going to the draft party! :(

  5. Hahahahaha she's totally going to make you talk to a player.

    "Look Mama it's so-and-so."
    "Go talk to him!"
    "Why not?"

    To most people that seems like a basic conversation but you and I both know exactly the tone of voice that would be used, emphasis on the not, a little high-pitched, etc.

  6. Ah, Peg and her patented way of saying things that hasn't changed in, oh 35 years. Good job, Peg.


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