Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And the Winner is..../Weekly Poll

by Anne

So when I set up that last poll, I didn't anticipate the LANDSLIDE victory that it was, hahaha. I try to make it possible for it to be more even. This was not a good example of that, lol.

The question was:

Quick! The babysitter canceled! Which of these players do you call?

Your choices were:

Danny Pie-YAY
Alexander Ovechkin
Marty Biron
Jaroslav Spacek
Jordan Staal

So, tied for 4th were:

Alexander Ovechkin and Jordan Staal

If you don't want your children to do this, don't call either of these boys. I have a sneaking suspicion that all your children would learn from these guys would be the perfect spitball making technique, honed over years of practice.

In 3rd place:

Jaroslav Spacek

I don't exactly understand why more people don't want a cubic Czech man screaming at their children. I voted for him, as did my sister. Come on! Who doesn't want their children to live their lives with the patented Jaro "SHOOT PUCK SCORE GOAL WIN GAME" mentality?

In 2nd place:

Only a few people wanted Danny Paille to bring his ice cream man into your home. I'm sure he would teach LOTS to your kids about Perry's... and... uhhh how to put your shoes on the correct feet? I'm not 100% sure that Pie-YAY has managed to figure that out completely, so while I'm sure he's an excellent role-model for your children, he may not be able to keep track of them if "Bob the Builder" suddenly comes on TV.

The winner by a LANDSLIDE, and perhaps because he seems to have the same attention span of most children, perhaps because he has his own children, the winner:

Marty Biron

I'd want Marty to take care of my children as well, I'm sure. He'd probably talk non-stop about whatever comes into his stream of consciousness brain which is something they could probably relate to. Children are probably the only human beings that possess the verbal fortitude to rival Marty. It would seem that the parents and future parents of America value Marty's sweet nature more than the iron-fist rule of Jaroslav Spacek.

Ok so this week's poll isn't exactly "racy" but it's a little bit more PG-13 than last week.

The question is:

You're drunk and stranded in downtown Buffalo and your friends have deserted you. You only have enough battery to call one of these people. Whom do you trust to not take advantage of you in your drunken state, but secretly hope that they will?

Jason Pominville
Steve Bernier
Pat Kaleta
Mike Ryan
Nathan Paetsch

EDIT: Ok, so, no, Goose isn't on the list. The reason being that I knew everyone would pick him. So for the purposes of this post let's say Goose is off in Europe with Millsey, which he actually is as of this writing. Woo! They're meeting up with Jaro and Kotalik in Prague! HOW CUTE! CAN I BE THERE?!?!


  1. I didn't want to make it another landslide victory. I had Goose on there, but then I realized that probably everyone would pick him, so, let's say Goose was out of town that weekend.

  2. I'll wait until Goose get back in town.

    Actually, what are the chances that all 5 guys are together when I call??? :)

  3. If I can't have Goose, then I picked the next best choice - his BFF Pommer. I would be trying to hit on him while he would be tucking me and turning on the nightlight.

  4. Actually, what are the chances that all 5 guys are together when I call??? :)

    Try to time your drunken rant so its RIGHT after a game. Then they'll probably be near each other and you can request a caravan of recuers.

  5. Drunken rants are how I made it through most of the Sabres games last season...

  6. I can't believe Mikey poo is not ranked higher - on the other hand - that means while others are burning up Pommer's phone, I'll get right on through to MIKEY!!

    Big winner here?? THIS GIRL!

  7. I'm not sure if it'd be Nathan or Mike. I've been out to a bar with Nate before and he was pretty protective of me. So I know he'd be dependable. Mike well he's always so worried about me getting home safe I know he'd get me home, but he might lecture me the whole time about how I have horrible friends but I did the right thing calling him. Those are my 2 votes based on my interactions with them in the past

  8. Big winner here?? THIS GIRL!

    Clearly, everyone has decided to not bother calling Mike because they know you two will be um, indisposed for the evening, and he couldn't possibly tear himself away from you for some drunken fool. And I get totally get behind that logic.

  9. Jenn, best go with Nate, M.J. couldn't possibly release her grip on Mike long enough for him to rescue an other damsel in distress.

  10. it's ok MJ and I have an understanding. After all I am the one who told him about her in the first place. I couldn't go into too much detail cause groupies were around but I let him know he had another me in


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