Wednesday, July 2, 2008


by Anne

And neither are the Buffalo Sabres.... yet.

COME ON! We've seen that we don't have the defensemen in the minors to fill in the (at least) 1 or 2 spots we have vacant. We've definitely got Toni, Hank the Tank, Sissy and Patches. We might still have Teppo and Pratters. Sekera will most likely be making the leap. Ok. That would give us more than enough bodies to throw on the ice. HOWEVER! We need at least 1 more strong veteran that will be around for a few years to (probably) partner with Sissy.

I secretly thought we might get Ron Hainsey from Columbus because I read about him in passing the other day and he's just the kind of obscure signing that Darcy likes to do. However, not so much. According to WGR's conversation with Hainsey's agent, the Sabres haven't expressed any interest in signing him.

According to Darcy, we're also all but out of the running for signing Orpik. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I know, I know, trades are still possible, but I WANT MY DEFENSEMAN NOWWWWW!!!

ALSO: Where my Paille at? Big Bear? Grizz? TEPPO?!?!?

You know what else is not a wondrous thing to start your day with? Well I'll tell you:

So I went to Timmy Ho's (no, the coffee place, I'm not having an affair with Tim Connolly) to get myself an iced coffee and a muffin. Delish. The guy who took my order was clearly not a native born American or even North American citizen. So, to cut the guy a break, which his co-worker was not, I spoke slowly and made sure I didn't rush my order. I was all pumped for my tasty breakfast, my iced coffee was perfecto, and I took my first bite of my wheat and carrot (don't judge my awful taste in muffins) muffin when, blech, barf GROSS it was NOT a Wheat and Carrot Muffin but that abomination to all muffinkind: a Fruit Explosion muffin.

For those who might not know Timmy Ho's GROSS muffin choices, a Fruit Explosion muffin is basically a raspberry flavored jelly-filled blueberry/cranberry muffin. The same stuff they fill the donuts with. To some people? Genius, brilliant, they can't get enough of that jelly. However, I am not one of those people. I enjoy this raspberry jelly when mixed in with my Breakaway Berrier, but that was a fluke, a rare happening, a potentially gross flavor masked by my love for both Ryan Miller and chunks of dark chocolate in my ice cream.

There are very foods in the world that grosses me out more than jelly-filled donuts or muffins. Really I can't think of any food off the top of my head that makes me gag more. NOT a pleasant way to start the day. I thought of one. I get really grossed out when I hold a peeled avocado. What a GROSS texture.

Anyway, it was not a good way to start the morning.

Dev Camp is over, I hopes it went well for da boys. There's a nice feature on SabresTV about a day at Dev Camp including a hysterical bit about them working on their skating skills set to awesome ice capades style music. Featuring my latest frenemy, Nathan Gerbe and some ring around the rosy style team skating.

There's lots of Lindy talking to the players, and a great conversation between him and Tyler Ennis. I'm no longer posting SabresTV segments on here, because on PCs they eat the screen and COMMAND your attention. Not on Macs though for some reason.



  1. ANNE I LOVED THAT VIDEO!!!! Gerbe's all serious hockey talk and there's this music in the background and Orpik (?) falling down. Ha.

  2. Ha, I love how appropriate Mike Weber's constant on-ice facial expression of anger mixed with disgust with a little disbelief mixed in for color is for the moment where he's practicing his high kicks with his stick.


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