Friday, July 18, 2008


by Anne

Ok so I'm going to gush and be a huge loser.

All day today after I was awakened by a text telling me that my secret favorite Sabre has been signed until just shy of my 29th birthday, I would just randomly start smiling.

Why? Because for once the Sabres management is doing right by the team and by the fans.

There's no way this off-season could've been worse than last season, both literally and emotionally. We didn't have any big name UFAs leaving the team and we weren't coming off of a messy Eastern Conference Final break-up again. However there were so many ways this off-season could've been very very bad.
Yet, what's that coming out of 1 Seymour Knox III Drive? CONTRACTS?!?! EXTENSIONS?!? LARRY QUINN IN A SEX-TAPE SCANDAL?!?! Ok, 2 out of those 3 things are true, I'll let you figure out which.

Goose is signed for 4 more years and is just happy to have a contract for that long, money aside. (swoon) Even though Gaustad isn't going to be winning any scoring titles any time soon (unless by "scoring" you mean "tail", then he could be the champ 4ever), he's an incredibly important player to the team and to the fans. I cannot speak from experience (duh), but I'm sure that he offers a great locker room presence and its well known that he's usually one of the last players to leave the ice after practice. More than that, he's like the team's goodwill ambassador to the Buffalo community. Whether or not he intended to have the iron grip on the hearts of all Sabres fans that he has, he does. I and many many other fans would've been incredibly upset if we had signed him for only 1 year or (horror of horrors) not at all. I can totally see throwing a letter on that left shoulder next season, Lindy.... So, HOOOOOOOOOOONK!

This season Danny Paille has made me all happy and squealful. I could pull up old entries for proof, but I jumped on the Danny Paille bandwagon back in like late December when Staffy was slipping and concussed, and I ain't gettin' off any time soon. It really all started when I noticed how much ice time he was getting during the Ice Bowl and it made me pay closer attention to dear, sweet, little (giant, hard-hitting) Danny. He's awesome and my 2nd favorite Sabre and I couldn't be happier that he'll be here for a few more years. He's also Oscar's favorite Sabre and he couldn't be happier to purr over his goals for many more years. I assume, as I'm sure most of the Sabres management and coaching staff assumes, that Danny will continue to build on that consistency he developed towards the end of the season and continue with his solid play. He's also probably not going to be winning any scoring titles, but if he can stay consistent as he was, I think its safe to assume he'll be racking up 20-25 goals next season. (I hope).

I was secretly terrified that we wouldn't sign Miller. Like, in my heart of hearts I feared the worst. We've all been so burned by management's mismanagement in the past that part of me was pretty convinced that he'd go the way of Briere and Drury next season and I'd cry. Literally. I know I've threatened it before, but if we had lost Miller next offseason there probably would've been tears. I can guarantee you that if we lose Pommer there will be open sobbing and tearing at my hair in the middle of the Plaza. Guaranteed. I'll sign a legally binding document, that's how fo' serious I am about my devastation over possibility of losing Sabre #1.

Anyway, I couldn't be happier that we signed Miller. It makes me all smiley and happy. He, like Goose, likes Buffalo and does a lot for the community. Miller and Gaustad are proof that if you love Buffalo, Buffalo will love you back ten fold. And, as Miller said, we'll leave you alone in the grocery store.

I don't really know how well we'll do next season (probably better than last) but at least we have the tools in place for success for years to come.


P.S. I've been in love with Christian Bale since Newsies, and can I say, he's never been more yummy? mmmmmmmm.


  1. P.S. I've been in love with Christian Bale since Newsies, and can I say, he's never been more yummy? mmmmmmmm.

    ME TOO ME TOO ME TOO!!!!! He was my first crush. Newsies = all time fave movie.

  2. YES! Newsies is the best! (I always loved Spot, and randomly, Kid Blink) but good ole Jack ran the show so he was awesome.

    Look at me, I'm the King of New York...

    did I ever tell you about the time my sisters and I walked around Niagara Falls singing Newsies songs? LOL

  3. Woo for best July ever! And The Dark Knight is SO. GOOD.

    Mmmm Christian Bale. Newsies was one of my favorite movies when I was little. I watched it so much that I basically killed the tape but never got a new one. Sad :(

  4. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only Newsie lover here!

    Ok so I'm going to gush and be a huge loser.

    Don't worry, that's pretty much all I've been doing all day. I mean, it's like Darcy is reading our minds and doing exactly what we're asking. It feels good to say that I have faith that Pommer will have a new contract soon.

  5. Newsies = all time fave movie.

    And then he was in Swing Kids and Empire of the Sun and yes, I've seen basically every movie he's ever been in that I could get my hands on. Yep. I'm totally lame.

  6. did I ever tell you about the time my sisters and I walked around Niagara Falls singing Newsies songs? LOL

    Um, why exactly didn't you invite me along? I would've totally been there. Who had to sing the Medda songs? I always skipped over her first song.

  7. And The Dark Knight is SO. GOOD.


  8. oh yeah Medda is totally lame and annoying. We just pretended her songs didn't exist. LOL

    ANd I didn't know you then or you would've been invited! fo sho.

    I loved Empire of the Sun ("P-51s, Mustangs of the sky!") and Swing Kids- so sad!

    But Newsies is the best. Tell me you guys never learned (or tried to anyway) the dance for "Seize the Day" or "Santa Fe"? heh heh heh you know we did!


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