Friday, July 11, 2008

You're On!

by Anne

So my other great love, besides hockey, is theatre. I have a bachelor's degree in theatre (yes, I spell it the snobby way) with a concentration in dramatic literature. Woohoo, it's pretty sweet. Basically it means I know a lot about plays. I am also a teacher of high school interns at a local professional theatre company. For each production, they have a group of interns who work backstage in the evenings and take classes during the day, 4 days a week. The culminating event of their internship is their own performance as a pre-show to the mainstage production.

SO. We have only basically 3 weeks of rehearsal. One of our students who has never been in a play before and basically has no concept of the level of bizarre dedication and commitment to the play that super cedes your own health and well-being. Its the way this shiz works, child, you don't call in sick because you have the sniffles. Unless you are vomiting or bleeding from the head, you go on. However, this student decided to not come to class yesterday because they didn't feel well. Our show is TONIGHT. We have tech rehearsal today and that's it. They've missed 5 of a possible 12 rehearsals. Therefore, as she doesn't even know her lines, even if she comes today, we might not let her do it.

Who would do it instead? Oh, that's right.... ME. GOOD GOD. I haven't been in a show since I did a scene from Richard III on this very stage in 2004. YIKES. Fortunately we cut the bejeezus out of this student's lines and I can memorize quickly. I'm just really not looking forward to this to be perfectly honest. I really hope student shows up and knows her lines cold. It's an exciting challenge, but one that I'd gladly give over. UGH.

And its gloomy outside today... and it's an outdoor theatre... awesome. We just have to get our tech rehearsal in today or there are more problems that I don't even want to think about yet.

If you make a commitment to something, COMMIT TO IT.


I need some happy thoughts:

Craigory, with every day that passes I look forward to your arrival on our blue line and hope you are as swoon worthy as I hope and dream you are. And by "swoon worthy" I mean "Good at passing out of the defensive zone, blocking shots, protecting Millsey, dropping the gloves, sweeping poke checks and keeping the puck in the zone on the power play"

Heeee! Pie's draft portrait!
Seriously Darcy, where's his contract? I want Pie!!

Haha Pommer

Ok I feel a little bit better. But I still don't want to be in this show tonight. Boooooo!! Good times. Good times.

ETA: This didn't really improve my mood. Top story on this morning:

Oy. It's not that I'm really upset about Soupy and I genuinely wish the best for him and I hope he does well in Chicago, but I just secretly hope he'll royally mess up and then we won't look stupid... again. And I hope he doesn't say any more bad things about the Sabres, that stings, Soupy.


  1. Oh good luck anne (er... break a leg, but not really)!

  2. Break a leg, Anne!

    Unless you are vomiting or bleeding from the head, you go on.

    Oh how I miss my days of theatrical involvement. I remember when half our cast for my final musical in high school came down with the flu on opening night (including myself). The show goes on no matter what!

    Oh, that picture of little Pie is too adorable!!

  3. I don't know why, but I really have no love for Campbell, not even a little "like". I hope he has a horrible season and is so bad that he brings down the whole Blackhawks team. I hope that every spin-o-ramma he does ends with him falling down and loosing the puck. And doesn't he realize how horrible his hair is going to look with that red jersey?

    I've never really cared for Campbell, but then he started bad-mouthing my boys and it escalated into a deep hatred. And I've got news for him, there will be at least 1 Sabres fan that WILL boo him when the plays against them.

  4. jennifer - I felt so bad for Soupy when he left and I resolved not to boo him. Now I say SCREW THAT. I will boo him to my heart's content... however I don't think the Blackhawks will be coming to Buffalo until 09-10. Curses!

  5. I don't think the Blackhawks will be coming to Buffalo until 09-10.

    That's OK, I can hold a grudge for a very, very long time. My hatred will just grow and fester until I have the chance to boo him. Even if I can't boo him in Buffalo this season, I can still voodoo him to screw up every time he's on the ice.

    In fact, I'll start now. Every time his skates touch the ice, may his feet go in opposite directions, forcing him to do a split so low that his "boys" touch the ice and freeze.

    I've got to come up with a healthier way to deal with my feelings. Ya' think? Maybe Goose can counsel me! Then something good will develop from my Campbell feelings.

  6. Soupy's lame. case closed.

    and break a leg in your show- if you have to do it- or if not, I hope your kids do well!

    I miss theatre so much that it hurts sometimes. I was very involved in high school but haven't done anything since (almost 10 years) because I decided a degree in thetre wouldn't get me anywhere. (so I picked communications, and it's not really gotten me any further LOL)


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