Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Just Took a Test Worth 25% of My Final Grade in 16 Minutes

by Anne

In my Exceptional Education class (aka Intro to Special Ed) we have only 4 things that count towards our grade: 4 tests spread throughout the semester. I just took test #1. The test started at 8:00, I was walking to the library at 8:17. It was 50 multiple choice questions BUT 1 of the questions was "In what city is Buffalo State College located?" the options were like A. Buffalo B. San Francisco C. Miami and D. Berlin or something, another one was if we had filled in our name and another was if we had written the color of our test (its one of those huge classes that hands out multiple versions of the same test to avoid cheating. So I got at least 3 correct. Buff State is in Western Europe, right? Berlin was a good answer, right?


So Eric Staal signed a huge contract with the 'Canes the other day that was just rejected by the NHL. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Whoops. Way to screw up the wording on that no-trade clause, proving that no-trade clauses are the devil. The only time a no-trade clause should be on the table is if the player has some family member with a serious NEED to stay in that town. Teppo has a no-trade clause and I am totally fine with that. He's the only one that does, but he earned it.

How you doin'

I hope to high heaven this doesn't mean he wants to coach. Gretzky doesn't want to be the executive director of Team Canada anymore and Cap'n Steve will most likely assume the throne. The Great One is staying on in a lower level position. Does he want less pressure? Would being executive director be an issue if the 'Yotes somehow manage to drug the rest of their division and sneak into the playoffs? Yzerman seems more suited to the position, as he's been the Men's team general manager at the World Champs the last 2 years and put together 2 medal winning teams. Wait, don't I WANT Team Canada to be bad? I do! U-S-A! U-S-A! Phew. Go Wayne, coach that team. Wooo!

Are we having any rookie tournament games, because that'd be sweeeeeeeet. I'd love to see Gerbe tearin' it up out there again, showing off his skillz to the rest of the NHL. No? Maybe? Darcy? Lindy? Ok, get back to me on that one, I'll be waiting with my new sign. It's no longer "NATHAN GERBE WHY WON'T YOU BE MY FACEBOOK FRIEND" instead, I've changed it to "NATHAN GERBE, THANKS FOR BEING MY FACEBOOK FRIEND, CALL ME LATER, WE'LL GET PIZZA", followed by my phone number. I'm pretty sure he'll be so moved by my outpouring of love and affection he'll leap over the glass and we'll immediately flee the pepsi center to get mani-pedis and discuss why Tim Kennedy gives such awkward interviews, but why we still love him anyway.

Gerb-dogg is bowled over by my love
My love is a hockey player from Wisconsin or something like that

I have orientation or training or something at the Arena today. Wooooooooooo!!!! How exciting. The first home pre-season game is next Friday. Wa-hooo!!!! Puck Drop is Saturday. I'd love to go, but I'm sure it'll be a mad house, so I'm pretty sure I won't end up going.


  1. ....another one was if we had filled in our name ....

    Are you sure? Did you remember the "e" at the end? Sometimes people forget that... especially if you have hockey on your mind.

  2. Are you sure? Did you remember the "e" at the end? Sometimes people forget that... especially if you have hockey on your mind.

    NO! Jennifer!! Now I'm doubting! What if I forgot the "e"?!?! What if I panicked and wrote "Ales Kotalik" instead?!?! I better call my prof.

  3. I can't stress enough how much I love the Gerbs and how I love that you are bffs too now!


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