Saturday, October 4, 2008

Reading For Hours Makes My Head Mushy

by Anne

The new version of Firefox and I are in a fight because whenever I have more than 2 tabs open and try to play a video from, Firefox crashes. So I'm back together with my old browser boyfriend, Safari, he isn't as flashy and some websites don't support him, but he gives me the space I need. There's "Private Browsing" which is basically so you can look at porn and no one will know. COME ON, YOU KNOW THAT'S WHAT ITS FOR!!! Also, Firefox had a tendency to make websites I log into all the time forget my password. It's been suuuuper annoying, so until they come out with Firefox 4.0 or whatever is next, I'm going to stick with Safari.

In actual seriousness though, peeps:

I'm seriously thinking about changing the name of the blog. Honestly, the name was probably a bad idea in the first place considering there's a store *IN* HSBC Arena with the same name and people might think this is somehow associated with it. I've never been 100% thrilled with the name choice, but I've stuck with it for like 10 months-ish.

Would you still read this blog if it had a different name, and you had to go through the hassle of changing your blog rolls? It'd be same blog, just with a different name? 

Srsly let me know peeps. Comment away!!!


  1. Would you still read this blog if it had a different name, and you had to go through the hassle of changing your blog rolls?

    I'm going to steal the words right out of Derek Roy's mouth: HAHAA....... Um, no.

    But in all seriousness, DUH! Of course?

  2. That's weird about Firefox. I have it and it seems to work fine. It doesn't close any windows, but the Sabres videos seem to be slow.. sometimes. maybe that's why. weird.

    Of course I'd still read the blog with a new name! Don't be silly.

  3. Of course we'd still read!

    On a selfish note, I'm curious to see how the switch goes for you (if you decide to switch). As a gal who regrets the oh-so-whimsical name she chose for her blog, I'm too scared to change the name. I think Sabretooth's House is a really sweet name for this blog, but I can relate to your pain. BUT, whatever you do, make sure your blog name has some tiny reference to the Sabres and/or hockey in general.

  4. Anne, I would still read the blog if you changed its name. A name is just a name, its the content that matters. :)

    but the Sabres videos seem to be slow.. sometimes

    That happens for me a lot. I've found that if I stop the video from playing immediately on opening and let it load entirely, it plays without any hiccups.

  5. I am having issues watching youtube videos... most of the time they will load but won't run... makes me angry!

    Yes I will still read! Love your blog it's lots of fun! Haven't any ideas for a new name though...

  6. I adore firefox, but it does the same thing for me when I try to watch videos (Except youtube, how odd)

    I'm a new reader to your blog, and I LOVE IT! so I'd follow you guys anywhere.


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