Friday, December 12, 2008

A Night of Highs and Lows

by Anne

Low points:

- Obviously, losing sucks.

-Lots of empty seats in the corners where we sell which means less $$ :/

-AWFUL sales night. Like, really terrible.

-Traffic on the way to the Arena was terrible and I was late, but it doesn't really matter, but I hate being late

-I was too late to grab dinner so I was hungry during the game

-Last night I was up suuuuuuuuuuper late finishing some work and generally not being tired so I'm super drained today

- If you and I have never spent a great deal of time together, let this serve as a warning: if I'm tired and hungry, its best to try to remedy one of those setbacks as quickly as possible. On the other hand, if I allow myself to be supremely crabby in front of you it means we've reached a certain level of friendship. I guess being bitchy to you means I love you? Just ask my sister, hahaha. What a jerk she is.

High points!

-Its Toronto so the goal total pool in my commissary was $50 bucks and I won! I wasn't happy that the Sabres lost but if they did, I'm glad the score was 2-1 so I could win the pool. Wooooo!

- I always forget to mention this, but there's something to be said for tradition and superstitions. I didn't realize until tonight that there's a certain player's superstition that, while it probably helps them get ready, it also helps me calm down.

Every night Paul Gaustad sits on the bench and contemplates life or thinks about what he ate for dinner or how just generally wicked sweet he is at this thing called life, or whatever he thinks about before he goes off and plays hockey. Every game he tosses a puck on the ice and it always stops at the top of the left face off dot in the West (i think) end of the Arena. Today I walked in to the seating a little late to do my useless pre-game wander and I looked down and my puck of reassurance was not there. WHA-? IS GOOSE NOT PLAYING?!? GREAT! THIS IS TERRIBLE WHAT HAPPENED TO HI- oh, wait, he's still all zen-like on the bench. Phew. The puck landed in its usual place shortly there after. I didn't realize how comforting this was to me until it wasn't there. Its kind of like "Goose is ready, are you?"

-I was walking out of the Arena tonight and was quite literally about 2 feet from Craig Rivet and did not realize it until I was like right up in his business. I was just not at all expecting to see him. I literally could've reached out and touched his arm. I think he was looking at the new calendar, but I didn't want to linger and be a creeper. I'm fond of my job, I'd like to keep it, thanks.

-Every game there are obviously TONS of people in jerseys, most have numbers, some do not. I enjoy looking at the persons's player of choice and then debating with myself if this person's selection seems to fit them.Usually, the answer is yes. This more applies to players that are not Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller because they're so common there's way too much variety in those people to find a pattern. The people who wear Jochen Hecht jerseys are definitely a type, as are Pominville jersey wearers. Peters jerseys are always male and always look like they're wasted, Drury/Campbell/Briere jersey wearers that are not children tend to look unhappy, hahahaha. There are also the occasional Vanek Golden Gophers or Staffy Fighitng Sioux or Miller Spartans jerseys and those people never buy from me ever. No exaggeration. The whole point of this rambling ties into the previous point I made. I've discovered that the nicest people wear Paul Gaustad and Henrik Tallinder jerseys (Heather! haha). No lie. I really paid attention to it tonight, of those that wore numbered jerseys that I interacted with or waited on, the ones that were the nicest were those wearing Goose or Hank jerseys and they were all dudes. There wasn't really one that was rudest because no one was particularly rude, contrary to what most people think. Now, are these people made nicer by Goose and Hank's aura or are nicer people drawn to Goose and Hank? I have never seen a douchebag wearing either of their jerseys. Ugh, I hate to be so stereotypical and douchebags rarely wear numbered jerseys but if they do, they frequently rock #9 (sorry Royzie, I know you wouldn't be friends with these dudes).

Anyway, the only negative interaction I had with Toronto fans were this dude and his girlfriend making out against a wall across from me. I felt like I was in high school again. But then we chatted about overly buttered popcorn and now we're lifelong friends.

-Finally, I discovered today that my computer will actually out loud tell me what time it is if I check a certain box. It just said "Its 12:15" to the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance"

- My cat is really freakin' cute

-My doggy is doing better but he isn't 100% out of the woods. I have to take him back to the vet next week for a check up. On the plus side he is truly the gentlest sweetest most loving dog you'll ever meet and even through all his medical issues he's the sweetest puppy you could ever hope to meet.

-Oh yeah, hockey. Both Fabian Brunnstrom and former Wings WCB Brett Lebda scored in Dallas' 3-1 victory over Detroit.

-Steve Downie was sent to the minors again today. How must his self-esteem be if Tampa has decided that who they have is better than him? OUCH.

- The Caps dressed a person who works on their website as their back-up goalie tonight. He had to sign an amatuer try-out contract in order to be able to play and the Caps had to get a special dispensation from the NHL to be able to dress three goalies. He wasn't just some random dude, he tended goal in college and has helped out by playing goalie in practice a few times for the Caps. That is completely awesome. Can Maria Genero be our emergency goalie?


  1. Thanks for the Goose stuff! I wonder how many guys do a meditating thing... Miller, Goose... crazy... I would like to know all their crazy pre game stuff locker room antics and all... what they do and wont do.

  2. I find this jersey thing very interesting and not just because it evidently means I'm one of the nicer Sabres fans :P I have always thought there's a connection between a fan's personality and a player's personality - it just makes sense that we'd be drawn to people similar to us - so it doesn't surprise me that friendly people are fans of two of the more pleasant Sabres just like it doesn't surprise me that d-bags are drawn to Roy-Z whom, while I love him, let's face it, can be a big ass punk on the ice. I'd like you to take notes on this all season and see if this holds. You can do that, right? :P (Kate and I will be in your neck of the woods Wednesday night. I'll be sure to be friendly!)


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