Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Thomas!

by Anne

Twenty-five years ago today, Jarmila and Zdeněk Vanek welcomed Thomas into the world, and now he's all ours. I hope for his birthday, he scores a goal... or two... or five.

Its kind of girly, but also probably more than kind of tasty

I would love to talk hockey but all I can think about is babies. There are at least five babies going to be born to girls that I know and love this year. Yesterday one of my sister's best friends, Nicole gave birth to her daughter, Brynn Elizabeth. 6 lbs, 5oz. Nicole was only in labor for 2 1/2 hours. Good for her but also bad because she didn't get any drugs. Her husband lives in Michigan for law school so he didn't make it in time for the birth. But he's here now so its all good. My sister and I and our friend Lindsay went to visit them today. She's so tiny and all I can think about is babies now. Girls and babies, its how we do. Also, I only have eight cousins, and three of them are having babies this year. That's a high percentage. And two of my cousins and one of my girlfriends are all due in June. What was going ON in September? Not much, apparently.

Anyway. Enough about babies. Panthers tonight. I tend to think of the Panthers as a team to write off these days. A lesser team that isn't much of a threat. That is until you look at the standings and realize that Florida is in 9th place... just two points behind us, with a game in hand.

If you look a the current playoff picture, its all the same teams that made the playoffs last year except we're in and Ottawa is out. Pittsburgh has won three of its last four and has managed to climb back into eighth place.

Also: Wooooooooooo!!!!!! Stillers heading to the Super Bowl to play the upstart Arizona Cardinals. Hines Ward was hurt early in the game but Limas Sweed managed to.... ok bad example, Willie Parker ran... ok how exactly did they score? Oh yeah, that's right:

Wooooooooo Troy.

Hoooray! I guess the Steelers pj pants and tshirt I was rocking worked out ok for them. Big Ben had a good game, making passes under lots of pressure, including a totally badass 65 yard pass to Santonio Holmes for Pittsburgh's first TD. Oh yeah, and this guy kicked some field goals:

Jeff Reed, Kicker
Be glad I didn't post the semi-infamous "self-portrait" he took a while back

Haven't heard anything new about Willis McGahee's condition after he had his life rearranged after a hit by Steelers safety Ryan Clark. I may hate him as a player and he's generally a douchebag, but it was a really tense few minutes that he was laying on the ground and there was no word on his condition. He has voluntary movement in his extremities and can speak so that's encouraging, but no word yet on the extent of his long-term injuries. Good thing the Ravens won't be needing his services in two weeks! Wooooooooo!

This Claude Lemieux thing has gotten ridiculous. They've actually recalled him. I guess when your team is on top of the world, you can afford ridiculous stunts?


  1. Gees Louise, that's a lot of girlies!!

    Reminds me of my cousins in Atlanta, though... Danielle and Jen are 1.5 years apart themselves. Danielle has two little girls already, who are also 1.5 years apart. Jen (the younger of the two) just had a little girl in November, and Dee is due in April with, you guessed it, another girl.

    My poor uncle and their poor husbands. One of those two needs to have a boy already!

  2. Wow, loads of babies being born! I know the feeling. So many of my cousins give birth like, all at one time and I can't get the babies' names straight or anything.

    I think Thomas would eat that cake no matter how girly it appears to be.

  3. Jeff Reed is such an idiot. thanks for not showing the other one, one time is enough.


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