Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Must Bring Them Luck?

by Anne

Ok, so three games ago I started counting jerseys before the game in order to keep myself occupied. In the first, Vanek v. Pommer, Vanek won the head-to-head battle and scored a goal that night, the next one: Miller v. Vanek, Miller won and that was the shoot out win over the Rangers in which Miller had 46 saves on 47 shots including the shootout. Tonight was Connolly v. Stafford. The final score was 5-0 in favor of Tim Connolly. No love for Staffy tonight. Then what happened? Timmers pots 2 goals and doubles his goal total for the season. Now, we sit and wait for the injury report.... still not here? Ok, tomorrow then.

This picture makes me feel all warm inside

I'm sure we are all in agreement that the beginning of the third period made us all hold our collective breath, just a little bit. Its the Sabres, I only feel comfortable with a three goal lead when the game is already over. However, they managed to hang on and muscled out the win. I really love when the periods end with happy cheers from the fans because the team is playing well.

Another fairly fast game as well. The best way to gauge this for me is what time I get to my car. I was sitting in Jarome at about 9:50, this was after changing my clothes and stopping to help a guy that was lying face first in the snow and probably sprained or broke his ankle. Therefore, it was a quick game.

I honestly was surprised they won. Every other time this season, and last, a team that comes in on a losing streak that's right behind us in standings is guaranteed a victory, and usually a big one at that. Nice to see Timmy back and see Miller continue to play the way we've come to expect him to.

All in all a solid game from puck drop to final buzzer. Am I upset that we had only 5 shots on goal in the third? No. We had a three, then almost immediately a two, goal lead heading into that period and dumping pucks on goal wasn't necessary. No need to get fancy when you have a healthy lead.

Relative of almost nothing, I discoverd that I'm working EVERY SINGLE Disney On Ice show this week. Shoot me in the face. Seriously. I'm sure I'll enjoy the paycheck but there are shows Wednesday, Thursday and Friday then THREE on Saturday and two on Sunday. I have to be there at 9:30am on Saturday and I can't leave until after the last show at 7:00. Once again, shoot me in the face. I'm going to miss the Sabres game on Wednesday, but I have no doubt the game will be on the monitors in the corridor. So if I'm singing Disney tunes for the next week, my bad.

Both the Devils and the Panthers won tonight so this win is even more of a must in order to stay in the playoff race. We currently hold a two point lead over the 8th place Panthers. Woooooooooooo!!!!

Rookie and veteran: both making the same face in anticipation of the puck being shot at their heads

Pie is thinking: Gosh darn it, I'm going to get a penalty, Anne will not be happy with me

I know photographers tend to like a certain perspective for shots, especially when they shoot the same thing over and over again (like a hockey game). But could the webmaster of perchance have chosen two images that are not almost completely identical for top stories #1 and #2?

Even the Geico logo on the far boards basically hits the same spot on their calves
And, finally:

Sissy OWNS this funny face of the game picture

Tomorrow I'll have the post about our All-Star roster that I've slowly been working on. I'm trying to make it more than just regurgitating the same pictures we used for the ballot. This time, there will be video footage.

I guess I'm seeing Rent tomorrow? My sister declared I must so she bought me a ticket and we're going to the matinee. We should be home in time to see the Steelers game at 6:30. Wooooooooo!!

ETA: I didn't know Sean Avery had signed with the Lightning.

ETA2: Aw, Timmy. From the game recap on
Tim Connolly's grandparents wanted him to score a goal. He wound up getting one for each of them as the weary Sabres held on to hand Carolina its fifth consecutive regulation loss.

Connolly, an oft-injured center playing in only his 11th game of the season, made his grandparents happy by posting his third NHL multi-goal game and first since April 2006.

"I got one for both of them," said Connolly, who told reporters he had received a text message from his father telling him his grandparents wanted him to score.
Good boy, Timmy! :)

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